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    Posted on Oct 23, 2016

    20 Life Hacks To Never Forget

    Good to know.

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    1. Always plan ahead.

    Jenny Chang/ BuzzFeed

    2. Practice makes perfect.

    Andrew Peña for BuzzFeed

    3. Find a friend that will talk you out of bad ideas.

    Mike Hinson/ BuzzFeed

    4. Spend your money wisely.

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    5. Don't fret too much on missed opportunities.

    Jen Lewis/ BuzzFeed

    6. Respect your partner's sleeping habits.

    Zoë Burnett/ BuzzFeed

    7. Don't let distractions get in your way as you seek happiness.

    Karina Farek for BuzzFeed

    8. Try not be your own worst critic.

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    9. Invest in a good hoodie.

    Loryn Brantz/ BuzzFeed

    10. Seriously.

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    11. And always listen to your mom, even if your a Sith Lord.

    Mike Hinson/ BuzzFeed

    12. Ignore the haters.

    Andrea Hickey/ BuzzFeed

    13. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

    Charlotte Gomez/ BuzzFeed

    14. Take a personal day; you deserve it.

    Loren Brantz/ BuzzFeed

    15. Rewatch favorite movies from your childhood.

    Mike Hinson/ BuzzFeed

    16. Do something about all those pesky emails.

    Hannah Hilliam for BuzzFeed

    17. Don't let your pets get the best of you.

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    18. Anybody can be a superhero if you believe in yourself.

    Mike Hinson/ BuzzFeed

    19. It's ok to slow things down every once in awhile.

    Nathan Pyle/ BuzzFeed

    20. Enjoy things while they last.

    Jenny Chang/ BuzzFeed

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