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38 Hilarious Vines We Couldn't Stop Watching In 2015

You couldn't stop watching them in 2014, and this year was no different.

1. 2015 was the year the ducks broke free.

2. We learned Vine needs to get it together.

3. And DJ Khaled's adorable pronunciation became our new fave.

4. This cat was just perfect.

5. This kid acted as the perfect metaphor for dealing with stressful situations.

6. Nicki vs. Iggy, basically.

7. Al Roker? This is the best weatherman ever.

8. Sometimes life just exhausts the hell outta you and you need to scream.

9. When you're confident AF.

10. The "Hotline Bling" parodies owned our soul.

11. When Adele calls, you must answer.

12. Oh my gawd, Ron!

13. Nailed it.

14. Just.... everything about this.

15. In 2015, the world was introduced to the most vocally underrated artist ever.

16. Your very own TV show.

17. When your bae gets a little too into the song on the radio.

18. Kids always askin' life's most important questions.

19. Yaaass!

20. Clearly everyone should head to Sesame Street to turn up on Friday nights.

21. When your homie roasts your for trying to wear a knock-off brand.

22. That moment when a presidential candidate speaks to your heart and soul.

23. You around food, basically.

24. This kid trying to keep it together was all of us dealing with 2015.

25. This vine we literally couldn't believe.

26. This Vine told a whole story in 6 seconds.

27. This just made us scream at our screen for 6 seconds.

28. The things you would do if you were white.

29. This Vine got even better when we turned the sound on.

30. *screaming*

31. *screaming, but not in a good way*

32. Oh my god.

33. The flick of da wrist was everywhere.

34. Who could forget the time Derek Zoolander literally took over Vine?

35. Wii Music got us crunk all year.

36. This dog is just looking out for number one.

37. This perfect interpretation of Taken told from the perspective of a Punjabi dad.

38. And not a Vine, but legendary all the same.