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23 Times "America's Next Top Model" Proved It Was The Best Show On TV

"This is not America's Next Top Best Friend." —Jade, aka the most prolific contest in ANTM history

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1. When Tyra did a commercial that required her to lick Tyson Beckford's finger:

2. When Brandy from Cycle 4 asked this very important question:

Answer: Yes.

3. When Cycle 1's Elyse laid down this piece of legendary shade.

4. When Bello and Devin got into the pettiest fight ever.

Bello was jealous of Devin for doing well on the last photo shoot and decided he would try to provoke him so he'd go at him. Spoiler: It didn't work.


5. When Jaslene made it very clear that she doesn't hesitate to tell someone how she feels to their face.

6. When Hadassah didn't know what "profile" meant:

7. When Tyra left all her fucks at home that day and decided to be straight up with Mikey about his look:

I mean, she right tho.

8. When Jade Cole delivered this truth bomb:


9. When Alasia from Cycle 14 gave the greatest GIF to humanity:

10. When Natasha stopped an argument by saying this:

Wanna end an argument quickly? Bring up war. Any war!

11. When the winner of Cycle 4, Naima Mora, SLAYED the water runway like her name was Aphrodite.


13. When Adrianne Curry, the first winner of ANTM, posed with a snake like the badass she is:

14. When Hadassah laid this 🔥 confessional:

She's feelin' herself, ain't she? 💯💅

16. When Laura was honest AF:


17. When CariDee decided to talk smack to Nigel Barker, who used to be a judge on the show.

The CW

Barker was very critical of CariDee in the previous week's panel, so she decided to be humorous, but he didn't take it too well. Spoiler: Everything was OK in the end because she won the show that cycle.

19. When Tyra got Denzel together for his anti-gay comments about his fellow contestant Will:

"Be proud of this industry. And every single male model. Gay, straight, heels, corsets. Who gives a fuck?!" TyTy does not play when it comes to being a bigot. Yaaass, mama! 👏

20. When Jade was a little too jovial in her CoverGirl commercial challenge:


21. When Janice Dickinson said anything:

Do you feel that? Yep, that's the freeze you feel when you lay the shade on THICK, hunty.

23. And finally, it wouldn't be an ANTM roundup unless we included Tyra's epic meltdown toward Tiffany from Cycle 4.