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    Two Guys Who Visited A Newborn Baby After Getting An Unknown Text Explained What Happened On “Kimmel”

    Someone make these two the godparents of this child, please.

    Deorick and Dennis Williams are two brothers whose story went viral when they visited a newborn in the hospital after receiving texts from an unknown number.

    Deorick Williams

    And now, the story has become so huge that Jimmy Kimmel invited the two on his late-night show to be interviewed.

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    Kimmel saw the story on Facebook and wanted to get to the bottom of the whole ordeal.

    ABC / Via

    He asked ~hard-hitting~ questions and the guys charmingly responded.

    ABC / Via

    Next, Kimmel asked the question many people probably wanted to know: Why not ignore the text? But Williams said it was just his "personality" to continue the conversation.

    ABC / Via

    Later they were asked if they'd attend a more solemn event, like the funeral of a stranger. Deorick said he'd think about it, but Dennis said he'd show up with flowers.

    ABC / Via

    They even told Kimmel they got the baby Pampers and pacifiers from the local Dollar General and put the gifts inside of a bag that said "precious cargo."

    Deorick Williams

    Unfortunately, the baby wasn't named after either of the two kind men.

    But they say they'd be totally up for babysitting.

    Never change, guys. Never change.

    ABC / Via

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