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    The Full Trailer For "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Is Finally Here

    And It's Very Freakin' Delightful.

    The full-length trailer for Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events is here, and it's everything fans could want and so much more.

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    It begins with a view of the beautiful Baudelaire Mansion...

    ...before it was destroyed by a horrible fire.

    We get a proper glimpse of the absentminded Mr. Poe, who delivered some not-so-great news to the Baudelaire children.

    Bad news aside, we were blessed with a great shot of the youngest Baudelaire child, Sunny.

    There's no shortage of Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf — ya know, the man who is attempting to steal the orphans' fortune.

    They're forced to clean his massive yet untidy home.

    All while grappling with the mysterious loss of their parents.

    Several of Count Olaf's henchmen, aka the members of his theater troupe, make appearances.


    Violet gets the chance to show off one of her clever inventions.

    And the show will be packed with stellar actors — like Joan Cusack, who will be playing Justice Strauss...

    ...Alfre Woodard, who will be playing Aunt Josephine...

    ...and Catherine O'Hara as Dr. Georgina Orwell.

    Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention some of Count Olaf's brilliant disguises, such as Stephano from The Reptile Room and Shirley from The Miserable Mill.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events will debut on Netflix in January 2017.