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20 Things The World Wouldn't Have If Black People Didn't Exist

So many things simply wouldn't exist.

1. If it weren't for a black man, your home would probably be super dusty because you wouldn't have a dust pan.


Lloyd P. Ray invented the tool that makes it so much easier to dispose of trash. He improved the earlier model by making it able to stand.

2. And you wouldn't have anything to iron your wrinkly clothes on if it weren't for the black woman who invented the ironing board.


Sarah Boone patented this universal household item.

3. And wouldn't your pool parties suck without a Super Soaker?

Jeff Krause / Creative Commons / Via

Lonnie G. Johnson, a black man, invented one of the most popular toys from your childhood.

4. Your floors would be sticky and icky if it weren't for the guy who created the mop.


Thomas W. Stewart improved upon the mop originally patented by Jacob Howe.

5. How terrible would it be to not have a place to keep your leftovers from going bad? Good thing someone made the refrigerator.


John Standard is the guy to thank for this since he improved the original version.

6. Imagine how terrifying it'd be to take an elevator without doors? Good thing someone made automatic elevator doors a thing.

Harmpeti / Getty Images

Alexander Miles is responsible for that.

7. And you probably already knew a black man created one of the first traffic lights, right?


Garrett Morgan did it.

8. That same man also invented the gas mask.

Moodboard / Getty Images

9. Also, wouldn't it be horrible to wake up without a way to get your luscious locks in order? Thank goodness for heated combs.


Shout-out to Walter Sammons for creating an improved version of the heated comb.

10. Good thing a black man gifted the world with potato chips.


George Crum is said to be responsible for creating everyone's favorite snack.

11. Imagine how unkempt your lawn would look without a sprinkler.


Joseph H. Smith was the mastermind who updated this invention.

12. Oh, and a black man created the modern lawn mower, too.


John Burr made one of the first with a rotary blade.

13. The first home security system was patented by a black woman.

Edwardsamuelcornwall / Getty Images

You can sleep well at night knowing Marie Van Brittan Brown is responsible for making the predecessor to the modern-day home security system.

14. The black woman who created the gas heating furnace changed the way people warm their homes.


Alice Parker is the reason we can keep toasty during the winter months.

15. A PB&J just wouldn't be the same without the peanut butter. Yep, a black man is responsible for this deliciousness.


You've definitely heard of George Washington Carver, right? Of course you have.

16. Drying clothes on a line is fun if you've got the time. Props to the hero who created the clothes dryer.


George T. Sampson received the first patent for the mechanical clothes dryer.

17. OK, and we know Thomas Edison made the light bulb, but it'd be nothing without the black man who created carbon filament.


18. People who can't drive a stick shift are definitely happy someone created the automatic gearshift.

Rukawajung / Getty Images

Richard Spikes did that.

19. Our hearts are blessed because of the guy who made the pacemaker.


Otis Boykin is a true hero.

20. And finally, if black people didn't exist, you probably wouldn't have been introduced to the beauty of ice cream scoops.


You can thank Alfred L. Cralle for that.

Black people make the world go 'round.

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