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This "Orange Is The New Black" First Look Picks Up Where Season 4 Left Off

The new season of the hit Netflix series debuts on June 9, 2017.

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Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black left fans of the show reeling when Daya was seen pointing a gun toward a correctional officer. This brand-new clip from Season 5 picks up right where that tense moment ended.

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Immediately we're reminded that Daya is on the edge, and whether she shoots Officer Humphrey or not, she's likely still facing more time.

"I could see her pulling the trigger," Dascha Polanco, who plays Daya, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Knowing that it’s a guard on the floor, especially, she has resentment and that really flipped that switch."


Who knows what it all means, but in 58 days we'll be able to catch up with the ladies of Litchfield.