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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Socks

The obsession is real.

1. If you're a little obsessed with collecting socks, this is probably what laundry day looks like for you.

verymom / Creative Commons / Via

Look at that beautiful mixture of cozy cotton.

2. Seriously, your random assortment of socks is out of control.

Instagram / Via

3. In fact, you're so into socks that you probably wear them to bed.

osseous / Creative Commons / Via

Because most people sleep barefoot.

4. Friends often give you a hard time when it comes to your preoccupation with socks.

When Lucy's obsessed with her socks but you're not amused

But you don't care.

5. You also have your fave pair of socks that you've probably worn a zillion times.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Karen_Maslow22

6. But you'd never part with them. Not even when they have holes.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Noobish1

7. Because they're still pretty useful and you'd never find another pair like 'em.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @CBellUK

8. Sock lovers don't discriminate when it comes to the types of socks they love either. Lil' footies are great...

9. are socks that have little place holders for your toes!

osseous / Creative Commons / Via

10. And don't even mention the kind of socks that come up to your knees. *insert orgasmic sounds here*

amanda / Creative Commons / Via


11. Also, nothing is worse for a sock lover than getting a good pair of socks wet.

mark / Creative Commons / Via

And that squishy feeling of wet fabric is terrible.

12. Mismatched socks don't bother you at all, and honestly, you probably mix 'n' match socks on purpose sometimes.

Lynne Hand / Creative Commons / Via

13. The best.

julia k / Creative Commons / Via

14. And let's talk about themed socks for a second. The fact that they're so cute kinda ups the comfortability of the socks, tbh.

Instagram / Via

15. Don't they look so soft and warm?!

Instagram / Via

16. It isn't out of the ordinary for you to steal socks from family or friends, although you're probably a little stingy if a friend asks to borrow socks from you.

Instagram / Via

They'll understand.

17. Going into a store and seeing something like this is honestly agonizing for anyone obsessed with socks.

Ali Eminov / Creative Commons / Via


18. And that just means you'll give into your urge to buy the socks and you'll come home to add them to your already huge collection.

Instagram / Via

Bless socks. Socks are great. Socks are life.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @currentwoman

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