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People Are Sharing Adorable Love Stories Using The #ShootYourShot2015 Hashtag

Sometimes love is worth the risk.

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To celebrate the end of another calendar year, Twitter users have been sharing stories of how they met in the #ShootYourShot2015 hashtag, documenting the moment when they "took a shot" and reached out to a crush.

Like a lot of the relationships featured in the hashtag, this couple's relationship began on Twitter via direct message.

A lot of people are sharing their stories of success and encouraging others to take the leap and talk to people they have crushes on.


Not everyone participating in the hashtag has been lucky in love, unfortunately:

That moment when you realize that no one has a crush on you because no one has hit you up. #ShootYourShot2015 💀💀💀💀💀💀

Some have reacted with hilarious memes...

When you see all these posts about #ShootYourShot2015 but you tried it & missed. 😪

...and videos, too:

And screenshots of #ShootYourShot2015 attempts gone wrong:

Man fuck this shooting your shot shit damn