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People Are Sharing Adorable Love Stories Using The #ShootYourShot2015 Hashtag

Sometimes love is worth the risk.

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To celebrate the end of another calendar year, Twitter users have been sharing stories of how they met in the #ShootYourShot2015 hashtag, documenting the moment when they "took a shot" and reached out to a crush.

Not everyone participating in the hashtag has been lucky in love, unfortunately:

That moment when you realize that no one has a crush on you because no one has hit you up. #ShootYourShot2015 💀💀💀💀💀💀

Some have reacted with hilarious memes...

When you see all these posts about #ShootYourShot2015 but you tried it & missed. 😪

...and videos, too:

And screenshots of #ShootYourShot2015 attempts gone wrong:

Man fuck this shooting your shot shit damn

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