Samantha Bee Interviewed Supporters Of Donald Trump And It Was Interesting

    At least she tried.

    Samantha Bee, former Daily Show correspondent and host of Full Frontal, recently had a sit-down interview with a few adamant supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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    Bee showed some clips from various Trump rallies, highlighting how some of his supporters behaved... man was shown saying, "Go back to Auschwitz."

    Determined to see if there was more to Trump supporters than meets the eye, Bee had a conversation with some of his fervent followers, promising them a party after the interview ended.

    The group included people of different ethnicities, political beliefs, and levels of formal education.

    Bee's first question eased everyone into sure-to-be-passionate discussion...

    ...and one of Trump's supporters stated that the presidential candidate appeals to Americans on a "primal level."

    And Bee joked:

    Then she challenged the interviewees on Trump's comments on social issues, specifically his statements on Muslims in America.

    The room erupted with Trump's followers insistently saying that he's for "temporarily" banning Muslims.

    Next, Bee, asked about Trump's association with white supremacists... which one supporter retorted that it's "illogical to do this guilt by association thing."

    But Bee fired back with a response that, unsurprisingly, didn't get a lot of love.

    One person compared the whole election process to a reality show...

    ...and that's when things got a little weird.

    Like, very odd.

    Thankfully, Bee used her humor to save the moment.

    In the end, the Trump supporters were invited to a party, complete with music and food.

    This'll all be over in eight months, America. Hang in there!