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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Aug 6, 2016

    21 Times Mariah Carey Was Completely Ridiculous

    Queen of Randomness.

    1. When she attempted to do a roundhouse kick in very high stiletto heels.

    2. When she made her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, dress up as a rabbit as she laid on his side with a drink in hand.

    3. When she went on a safari without any of her friends.

    4. When she wore a graduation cap with the lyrics to her own song on it, even though she definitely graduated years ago.

    5. When she serenaded someone else's man (John Legend) on stage while singing her seductive hit, "Touch My Body."

    6. When she had this very terrifying Easter Bunny surprise her children.

    7. When she posted an incredibly blurry photo of herself and captioned it "#Backstage chaos." Very casual, Mariah.

    8. When "working from home" meant she'd make folks come to her.

    9. When she casually made a brick-oven pizza in her nightgown.

    10. When she decided to go for a swim while it was snowing.

    11. Oh, and that time she befriended a koala.

    12. There's also that time she somehow coaxed a butterfly to land on her finger.

    13. When she was dressed in full armor, standing in front of a Christmas tree, to promote Game of War.

    14. When she was "just resting" like the freakin' queen she is while lounging on a couch, decked out in all black.

    15. When she was unbothered by the presence of her son during her Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    16. When she posted this photo of Beyoncé looking too turnt while she looked flawless.

    17. When she joined, like us commoners, except she used an incredibly good-looking avatar.

    18. When she took the subway in a glamorous gown.

    19. Also, never forget that time she went to the park in a floor-length dress.

    20. When she sat on Santa's lap while wearing a Hello Kitty onesie.

    21. And finally, when she wore a bra made entirely out of Sweethearts candies.

    Never change, Mariah, never change.

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