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    Netflix Just Announced The Premiere Date For The Next Season Of "OITNB"

    Is it June 9 yet?

    At this year's SAG Awards, Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee on Orange Is the New Black, revealed that Season 5 will take place over the course of three days. But even she didn't know when it would officially launch...

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

    Now, we must steel ourselves, because Netflix has finally announced that Season 5 will premiere on June 9, 2017.

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    And it's sure to be intense. In case you don't remember, a lot went down in Season 4...


    Alex Vause killed a man in the greenhouse, which is a pretty insane thing to do while in prison.


    She then cut up the body (with the help of Lolly and Frieda), and his remains were buried in the garden.

    Piper befriended white supremacists in the prison and pit different races of women in the women against one another.


    She was subsequently cornered and branded with a swastika on her arm by the Latino gang at Litchfield.


    Also, Poussey died, which was probably one of the most heart-wrenching moments the show has seen thus far.


    So, with all of that in mind, are you ready for Season 5?


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