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29 Steamy R&B Lyrics That Tried Their Darndest To Get You Pregnant

**takes cold shower**

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12. "Two Weeks" — FKA twigs

Young Turks

Steamiest lyrics: "Flying like a stream of thunder, only way to do each other / Pull out the insides and give me two weeks, you won't recognize her / Mouth open, you're high."


16. "Brown Skin" — India Arie


Steamiest lyrics: "Every time I let you in, abracadabra magic happens as we swim / Higher and higher finally we reach heaven / Come back to earth and then we do it all again."


21. "Making Love (Into The Night)" — Usher


Steamiest lyrics: "You know I break you off / And if these walls could talk they would tell everybody / Bout how I put it down / You know I shut you down."

23. "Touch Me Tease Me" — Case feat. Foxy Brown

Def Jam

Steamiest lyrics: "Hold on tight and don't let go / Baby, I'm about to explode / 'Cause all my love, I can't control / Can you feel me comin' down?"


25. "Backstroke" — Teedra Moses

TVT Records

Steamiest lyrics: "Oh papi / I sit and think about all of the things / We go through

And I wonder why I stay with you / But there's something in your backstroke."

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