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21 Undeniable Reasons Fall Is The Best Time Of Year

Goodbye, summer. Hello, fall!

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1. The weather during autumn is tranquil and cool.

2. And doesn't your heart skip a beat when you realize it's time to pick pumpkins for carving and/or baking pies?

3. Also, to combat the crispness of the air during fall, you get to wear nice, comfy clothing.

4. From thick socks and boots...

5. scarves and hoodies. Fall is seriously the best time of year.

6. And there's something almost orgasmic about staying in on a cool fall day and just reading a good book.

7. The closer we get to fall, the closer we get to the time of year where Friday night football games are a thing.

And there's something for everyone to love during this time: Marching band kids performing, football varsity football players playing with all their might, and cheerleaders cheering them on.

8. Even actions as mundane as breathing during the fall are interesting because you can see your breath when you exhale in the cold air.

~bundles up~

9. It's the season where you can fill up on hot chocolate every single morning. ☕️

10. And all things pumpkin spiced, too.

11. Cuddling during fall is the best feeling.

12. Hocus Pocus, as well as other classic fall movies will begin playing endlessly on your favorite cable networks.

13. And did you forget that Halloween happens during fall? AKA the one day out of the year everyone can collectively be as weird as they'd like.

14. Autumn is also the best time to visit a haunted house, especially if you wanna play a prank on one of your friends.

15. Starting a campfire and making S'mores with your closest friends is always a win, too.

16. County fairs begin popping up during this time of year.

17. And while you're at the fair, you can get a belly full of the most creative fried and sugared foods...

18. deep-fried cheesecake...

19. ...and funnel cakes, just to name a few.

20. Playing in fallen leaves never gets dull, no matter how old you are.

21. And all of these things lead to the apex of fall — Thanksgiving!

Yaaass, fall! 🍃

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