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Posted on Jul 24, 2014

26 Perfect Jessica Lange "American Horror Story" GIFs For Every Situation

All hail the Queen of Shade.

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1. When your mom and dad share embarrassing stories about you in front of your friends:

2. When you confront a mansplainer:

FX / Via

3. When the server at Chipotle doesn't give you enough guacamole:

FX / Via

4. When your siblings refuse to do their chores:

FX / Via

5. When your Bae whispers sweet nothings in your ear:

FX / Via

6. When your friend tags you in an unflattering picture on Facebook:

FX / Via

7. When you crash a party because you weren't ever invited:

8. When somebody tries to be your best friend and you just met them five seconds ago:

FX / Via

9. When you walk into the club with your crew:

10. When someone on Twitter uses "you're" as "your:"

11. When someone tries to talk to you when you're hungover:

12. When you finish binge-watching a show on Netflix:

FX / Via

13. When Bae gets a little too kinky:

FX / Michael Blackmon / Via

14. When you see someone still wearing a matching tracksuit:

FX / Via

15. When the will to live escapes you:

FX / Via

16. When you unfriend someone on Facebook because their statuses are annoying:

17. When you eat carbs after being on a diet:

18. When your boss tells you to redo the assignment you've been working on for weeks:

FX / Via

19. When your friends bring up politics at the bar:

FX / Via

20. When someone steals a french fry off of your plate:

FX / Via

21. When you're paralyzed by the amount of basic people surrounding you:

22. When someone wears florals in spring:

FX / Via

23. When you no longer live with your parents and they try to reprimand you:

FX / Via

24. When a group of people collectively laugh at your joke:

FX / Via

25. When someone forces you to go out on a Friday night:

26. And when your ex tries to win you back:

Bow down.

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