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    Ariana Grande's New Video Will Make You Wish You Were Completely In Love

    Come through, Ari!

    Ariana Grande recently released the visual for "Into You," the latest single from her new album, Dangerous Woman, and it's so damn good.

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    It starts with some stunning shots of Ari looking like freakin' goddess.

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    She's completely breathtaking, tbh.

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    Grande's love interest in the beautiful video is the gorgeous Don Benjamin, aka one of the super-hot guys from America's Next Top Model Cycle 20.

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    The two have a really wild-looking and fun loving relationship, and it low-key gives Rihanna "We Found Love" vibes.

    There are references to some of Ari's older songs.

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    The couple are seen frolicking around Honeymoon Inn, which is interesting considering the first track on Grande's debut album, Yours Truly, was titled "Honeymoon Avenue."

    And if that wasn't cute enough, Ariana definitely pays homage to the cute animal cracker scene from the Armageddon in her latest visual offering.

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    A very cute and clever throwback.

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    Check out the video — mainly because your eyes deserve to see something beautiful today and your ears deserve to hear this phenomenal song.

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