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Posted on Dec 26, 2015

17 Outrageosly Funny "Cards Against Humanity" Combinations

Prepare to cackle.

1. Butts are always an essential tool for fighting.

Tumblr / Via

2. And, like most of the world, Obama loves when news of Mrs. Swift hits the headlines.

Tumblr / Via

3. Like...same, honestly.

4. An acceptable excuse, right?

Tumblr / Via

5. As you do.

6. Accurate. Especially if you're white and male.

7. And speaking of white people...

8. Would read this.

9. The winner of the next National Book Critics Circle Award perhaps?

10. Isn't this just The Surreal Life?

Instagram / Via

11. *cringes*

Instagram / Via

12. Nickelback shade is still alive and well.

Instagram / Via

13. :'(

14. Blessed.

15. The television event of the century, tbh.

Instagram / Via

16. 😭😭😭

Instagram / Via

17. And finally, because it's the season for Santa:

Instagram / Via

This post was inspired by Snapchat user Veerakatariinax. BuzzFeed <3's you!

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