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People Are Tweeting That Barack Obama Is Basically America's Ex-Boyfriend

"New phone, who dis?" —Obama, probably

On Jan. 20, Barack Obama's second term as the 44th president of the United States came to an end and he passed the torch to Donald Trump.

Since leaving the White House, Obama has quickly settled into vacation mode.

Most recently he's been making water sports great again.

Post-presidency Obama (and Richard Branson)

But seeing Obama enjoying himself has made some people a bit sad.

Obama is like America's ex and now whenever we see him doing fun stuff it just makes us sad

And they've deemed him America's ex-bae because...

1. He's officially put America on his "do not call" list.

When you finally block America's number.

2. The US is now that former partner who tries to move on, but it's just too hard.

Looking at President Obama's vacation pics make me feel like I'm stalking an ex on Instagram.

3. Fun fact: Mariah Carey's "Don't Forget About Us" was actually about Obama.

🎶 Nothing can compare to your first true love / so I hope this reminds you babe / when it's real it's forever so do… https://t.co/Y8l564LvhO

4. He's flourishing as a citizen.

5. Basically, Obama's on to the next, America.

Obama just posed for the "I'm GREAT!" pic you'd petty post after a breakup.

6. There's no amount of sweet-talking you can do to convince him to come back, folks.

7. He's even making new friends.

when u realize ur best friend is better friends with someone else

8. Sometimes you may find yourself wondering, Was it ever really real?

"It's like our relationship didn't mean anything. Look at him all happy. He doesn't miss us at all!" 😂😩😆 https://t.co/rQ2LSZWYnd

9. Because Mr. Obama is glowing, y'all.

10. One might even say he's effervescent AF.

when you finally leave your stressful job and people tell you you're glowing

11. He's certainly having a better year than a lot of people.

12. If you've never been the salty ex, you might be feeling that way now.

America has collectively become Barack Obama's salty ex-bae scrolling through his post-breakup IG like

13. You've probably got a better chance of rekindling things with your high school sweetheart than with Obama tbh.

All of us as we see the Obama vacation pics on the TL:

14. Because he's out here living his best life.

These Obama vacation pics are the best man. He ain't fucking w/ y'all right now. He got dolphins to ride & shit

15. He might be smiling because his skin is poppin'...

16. ...and his credit score probably went up at least 200 points.

17. If only we all looked this great after moving on from one relationship to the next.

how my ex smiles knowing my new boyfriend is a liar, cheater, ugly pigboy

18. He seemingly has not a single care in the world.

America: "I hope you're having fun on your little vacation" Barack:

19. What is your secret, Obama? Please tell us.

Obama vacation like 😁😁😁. His hair might just turn black again!

20. We, too, would love to be this relaxed.

21. Shorter Obama: New phone, who dis?

#America: "Obama, Obama America needs you back! " #Obama: "New phone who dis? "