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    There Was Some Full-Frontal Male Nudity On "Big Little Lies" And People Were Shocked

    But was it real? (Spoilers!)

    HBO's latest miniseries, Big Little Lies, focuses on the lives of three suburban mothers — Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Madeline (Reese Witherspoon ), and Jane (Shailene Woodley) who live in Monterey, California.

    And you should probably stop reading now if you don't want to come across any spoilers.

    In the latest episode, which aired on Sunday, March 26, titled "Burning Love," a scene with Celeste and her husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) revealed a moment that fans weren't expecting to see.

    Right before the couple were supposed to head out to a local performance of Avenue Q, Perry tried to have sex with his wife. She objected, insisting they would be late to the event. (Spoiler: There's a penis below.)

    Celeste ended up stroking Perry's penis for a few seconds.

    But when Celeste tried to pull away from Perry, he became angry and grabbed her hair. That's when she whacked his member with tennis racket.

    People watching the show couldn't help but focus on one thing: Skarsgård's penis.

    Big Little Lies shows a penis and all of the sudden we're screaming and rewinded it 3 times. Why are we this way.

    Full-frontal male nudity tends to draw attention because it happens so infrequently on television.

    Wow, I was not ready for Alexander Skarsgards erect penis on #BigLittleLies tonight, but the world is a better place because of it.

    Much of the conversation about Perry's genitalia fell into two camps: People who were surprised by it even being shown, and people who joked about it being broken by the racket.

    #BigLittleLies has gone where no TV show has gone before and has broken a penis with a tennis racket. 😂😂

    Some also remarked that the penis could be fake.

    Perry's penis in this week's #BigLittleLies is the most fake thing I've ever seen

    As of now, we can't definitively say one way or another if it is Skarsgård's penis, but we have images we can reference.

    Is that Alexander skarsgard’s real dick?

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to HBO to confirm whether or not a prosthetic penis was used during the filming of this episode.

    Back in 2013, during the Season 6 finale of True Blood, there was a scene with Skarsgård lying down in the buff, surrounded by snow. and contrast, if you feel so inclined.