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    I Asked Adults 60 And Older To Anonymously Share Who They're Voting For In November And Why — Here's What They Revealed

    "I'm voting for RFK because Biden and Trump are too old!" —Anonymous senior voter

    "It's a rematch that no one wants." — Yet, here we are, staring down a race between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. AGAIN. Like many voters, I, too, wish we could wake up, and it was all just a dream, but everyone has to make a choice this November.

    Side-by-side portraits of Joe Biden in a suit and Donald Trump in a suit with a flag pin

    Inspired by one of the most divided election years in US history, I decided to ask different groups of voters across the country what their #1 political issue is AND which candidate they plan to support in November. I plan to highlight a new group of voters every week; welcome to BuzzFeed's 2024 Election Diaries!

    BuzzFeed's 2024 Election Diaries flyer with a ballot box and American flags, highlighting voter experiences

    Recently, I asked voters 60 and older to share their plans for the 2024 presidential election anonymously.

    Pie chart showing 2024 presidential election preferences with majority for Biden, followed by Trump, Undecided, and RFK Jr

    Here are 20 political confessions from senior voters revealing the issues they care about most and why they support their chosen candidate.

    All voter images used are AI-generated. 

    1. "My top issue is women's rights. I'm not thrilled with either candidate because of age, but Trump makes me sick. He doesn't care about the country's well-being, only himself."

    Woman reflecting on her voting preference, critical of Trump and supportive of women's rights. Text from a voter's statement

    2. "My top issue is lowering taxes. I'm voting for RFK because Biden and Trump are both too old."

    Note on bulletin board about lowering taxes, RFK Jr. support; elderly man named Donny, 67, from SC sits beside

    3. "My top issue is the southern border. I'm voting for Trump for his strength of character and ability to get the job done."

    Person seated outdoors with text noting they are a 67-year-old Trump voter from Texas, emphasizing border issues

    4. "I think we need to take money out of politics entirely. No lobbying, no donations, no fundraising. Zero corporate interest money. None. Nada. Zilch. I'm not sure who I'm voting for."

    Image on left: Quote about political donations attributed to an "Undecided Voter." Right: Portrait of Judy, 60, from Virginia

    5. "My top issue is climate change. Republicans won't even acknowledge the existential threat of climate change, much less do anything to seriously address it despite all the potential money that can be made in mitigation."

    Note with text about climate change and voter opinion next to a photo of a concerned older woman, Barb, 67 from NJ

    6. "My top issue is the border, but I'm not happy with either of the main candidates. Maybe I'll vote libertarian."

    An undecided voter's statement pinned on board; elderly man sitting on bench. Text summary: Voter's top issue is the border, considers libertarian vote

    7. "My top issue is stopping the influx of undocumented immigrants coming into the USA. I'm voting for Trump again because he made our country great. We were not in a recession, police were police, the economy was good, and prices were good."

    Note summarizing voter's stance with "TRUMP Voter" headline; Elderly woman named Jean, 62, from MN appears contemplative

    8. "The climate is my top issue. I'm voting for Biden because his policies are more in line with my thoughts, plus he is future-oriented rather than determined to turn the clock back to the past like Trump."

    Note pinned on a board that reads "BIDEN Voter" with a quote about voting for Biden due to climate concerns, alongside a photo of Sam, 73, from GA

    9. "My top issue is abortion. The Democratic Party needs to fix women's healthcare rights and accessibility."

    Note pinned on board expressing a Biden voter's concern for abortion rights and healthcare, with a photo of elderly woman 'Helen' attached

    10. "My top issue is stopping undocumented immigrants from invading our country. I'm voting for Trump because I can't take another four years of 'Bidenomics.'"

    Note with "TRUMP Voter" and a man's quote on immigration issues. Man, possibly named T.L. from FL, on the right

    11. "My top issue is having members of Congress who actually make and pass policy as opposed to being concerned with social media hits. I'm voting for Biden because he has never asked his followers to overthrow OUR government!"

    A note that says "BIDEN Voter" with a quote about political priorities, next to an older man, Greg, age 66 from MO, in a wheelchair

    12. "Inflation and the rise of socialism are the most important issues to me. I'm voting for RFK because the two major party candidates are both poor choices, and I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils."

    Elderly man reading a book with a voting sticker; quote on note expresses concerns about inflation and socialism, dissatisfaction with candidates

    13. "The most important issue to me is the border, so I'm voting for Trump because he's not Biden."

    Summary of voter's statement on preferring Trump over Biden due to border concerns, with a photo of Steve, 63, from CT

    14. "My top issue is the stability of leadership. I'm voting for Biden because the other candidate is mentally unstable."

    Handwritten note labeled "BIDEN Voter" with opinion on leadership stability next to a photo of Erica, age 62, from TN, sitting pensively outdoors

    15. "My top issue is avoiding authoritarian rule. I'm voting for Biden because he has been surprisingly effective, and I agree with him on almost every issue (except the genocide in Gaza). I also believe that our VP would continue governing in much the same way."

    Woman sitting, looking pensive with text expressing her voting preference and political opinions

    16. "The size and reach of the Federal government is my top issue. I'm voting for Trump for his promise to reduce the size of government and his record of reducing regulations."

    Pinned paper with "TRUMP Voter" and a quote on government size next to an elderly man staring thoughtfully

    17. "My healthcare and social security are very important, but my number one issue is always a woman's reproductive freedom. ALWAYS."

    A sign reading "BIDEN VOTER" followed by a quote on healthcare and reproductive freedom, next to a smiling woman, Glenda, 63, from California

    18. "Social security. It's sad to see all of the spending on so many other projects and that social security is not getting properly funded to make sure that we're taken care of in our older years."

    Note pinned to a board reading "BIDEN Voter", alongside a quote about social security concerns, next to a photo of Donna, 65, from NC, looking contemplative

    19. "My top issue is having a government that can function on a bipartisan level for the common good. I'm voting for Biden to maintain our status in the global community, protect us from abuse of power, and get important progress made instead of fighting culture wars."

    Photo and quote from Cynthia, 70, CA, expressing bipartisan support for a candidate, pinned on a board

    And finally...

    20. "My top issue is getting the US government to stop spending money. Both candidates seem to be incompetent, terrible, and polarizing. We need a candidate from the center."

    Person with a contemplative expression, next to a note reading "Undecided Voter" with views on government spending and candidate qualities

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Next week, we'll focus on voters living in critical swing states in the 2024 presidential election. So, if you're an Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, or Wisconsin resident, we want to hear from you via this anonymous Google form. Your response may be featured in an upcoming post!

    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.