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Be Honest, If You Were In "Squid Game", How Would You Play Each Game?


For this quiz, try to choose the actions that you think you would realistically do in these situations, NOT what you think is smartest.

Welcome to the Squid Game!

After being slapped around by a hot recruiter, calling a mysterious phone number, and getting in a shady van, you wake up in a huge warehouse filled with bunkbeds and strangers all in unflattering green tracksuits.

The whole situation seems a little sketchy, but you REALLY need money. So you sign your rights away, say "Cheese!" for a picture, and make your way to the first challenge: a deadly game of Red Light, Green Light.

You survived Red Light, Green Light!

But not everyone is sure that they want to continue now that they know exactly what "elimination" means.

So it's time to vote!

The majority just barely votes to go home, so you're dropped off on some shady street.

Unfortunately, your money problems have not gone away. So it's back to the Game for you!

It's time for the second game!

You're led into a giant playground and asked to pick one of the shapes on the wall.

Assuming that you DON'T KNOW WHAT THE GAME WILL BE, which shape are you choosing?

Now, let's say you DO know what the game is going to be, but none of your friends do, and they're trying to figure out which shape to pick.

You've picked your shape, now it's time to remove it without cracking the cookie!

You beat the second challenge!

But it looks like some players don't want to wait until the next game to get rid of some of the competition.

As soon as the lights go off for bedtime, fighting is going to break out.

You made it through the night.

But tomorrow brings a new dangerous game!

You need to get into teams of 10 players and then play a game of Tug of War.

For this next game, you need to find a partner.

Assuming that you DON'T KNOW WHAT THE GAME IS, who are you partnering up with?

Unfortunately, your partner is now your opponent in the Marbles game!

It's time for the second to last game.

You get to pick the order that you play in, but at this time you DON'T KNOW WHAT THE GAME WILL BE.

Hope you picked a good number, because now it's time for the Glass Bridge Challenge!

You’re almost at the end, but the person in front of you is taking too long to decide and time is running out! There are two people behind you.

You finished the challenge and are now officially in the Final Three!!!

After a tense dinner, you all return to the room with steak knives for the night.

Eventually, you see your biggest competition fall asleep.

It's time for the last game: The Squid Game!

Congrats! You won the Squid Game.