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    • MelNThatInnit

      And you realize that by voicing this to the public you’re telling them that they are essentially being rude to baristas if they order frappuccinos now. Almost all the annoyance you just conveyed can and should be conveyed at your company; your district manager. If one extra step means it slows down drink making *that* significantly, A) it sounds like your store gets a lot of business and B) it sounds like your store doesn’t get enough hours for the amount of business it does. There should be more baristas able to pick up the slack if a frappuccino order backs up the order line that profoundly. That’s a busy Starbucks and it needs more hours.
      Entitlement goes both ways. Frappucinos are an item on your everyday menu. You’re taking the opinion that you are entitled to your annoyance at people for ordering them because there’s an extra step involved in making them that you don’t like doing. Because you don’t like doing it, people that order them are annoyances. That’s just as bad a position to take as a customer pressuring you to hurry their order. It would be false to say all frap customers rush you. That’s an impossibility. So, standing behind that as the reason and hence turning the blame solely on the customer is kinda BS. I go to Starbucks all the time. I order frappuccinos maybe 30% of the time, my friends do, my mom does. Other people do. I have a habit of observing others so I tend to eavesdrop on orders. I’ve never seen someone rush a barista over a frap’s time consumption. If you are a frap customer, you also must have learned at some point how long you’ve always had to wait to get your drink every single time you’ve ordered too. It’s always about the same wait time. I’m not saying you’re lying, just that frap customers are not all doing that to all baristas. Yes, there are some total idiots who are going to be frap customers and never understand time and space and rush baristas but they also go to retail stores and cause problems too. They’re simply idiots. You have to take some blame for just not liking to make the drink and hence being a little entitled on that point yourself. Unless, like I said, your store is simply not getting enough hours and you’re carrying the burden of a busy store almost alone. Again, that’s Starbucks. Not the customer.

    • MelNThatInnit

      So don’t order frappuccinos at Starbucks or risk apparently being rude to a barista for doing so or getting an eye roll for it? I always love reading articles where you find out that simply ordering something blatantly written on the menu or buying something somewhere means you’re an asshole to the people working there and they wish you wouldn’t come in because of it.
      Everywhere in the service industry/retail doesn’t like their jobs, ok? Everyone does things the company makes us do that we don’t like but most of us have the sense to blame the companies for our grievances and not the customers who are buying a product made available to them that they enjoy. They don’t realize you don’t like making frappuccinos. They probably figure you *like* making any drink about as much as they like doing whatever they do to make a check. Don’t think you’re the only one being pressured to work fast. Everyone in service/retail is. No one likes it. Blame your company. Blame them for not giving your store enough hours and therefore enough people to spread the workload when you feel like you’re balancing it all.

    • MelNThatInnit

      Sooo… Carry on abusing the elephants then, Joseph? What is your logic here? They can be sent to a sanctuary (there are many elephant and exotic animal rescues in the world) or a good zoo to live out their lives not being stabbed, gashed and terrorized to amuse humans and circuses can then stop using animal “entertainment” altogether hence ending the trade and the problem. They still catch these animals in the wild from their parents.
      Animals in circuses live in cramped quarters and are traveling in cages most of their lives. Just to amuse us briefly.

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