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29 Ways To Be The Worst Person At Starbucks

"Hi, can I get a hot caramel Frappuccino?"

Are you a fan of Starbucks? Of course you are, but that doesn't mean the baristas are fans of YOU. Here are some tips for not being a total d-bag at everyone's favorite coffee chain, courtesy of Twitter.

1. Mention the secret menu.

2. Go through the drive-thru in a horse mask.

3. Demand more caramel.

4. Be SUPER into caramel.

5. Demand your honey be mixed into your tea.

6. Give yourself T. rex arms.

7. Have a sesquipedalian order.

8. Ask for this.


10. Be a perv.

11. Mess up the lingo.

12. Think you're a stand-up comedian.

13. Pay with a crap ton of pennies.

14. Be a "bitchy white girl."

15. Drop the "DD" bomb.

16. Bring your whole PC setup.

17. Request a "hot" Frappuccino.

18. Ask for this:

19. Try to get free drinks because you're a girl.

20. Be coy with your coupon.

21. Order a pumpkin spice latte.

22. Be dramatic about aspartame.

23. Order a Snickers bar.

24. Give the drive-thru person your garbage.

25. Put your garbage ANYWHERE BUT THE TRASH CAN.

26. Be on your iPad.

27. Be demanding and vague.

28. Order a Frappuccino.

29. Be a general pain in the butt.