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Why I'd Make A Great Content Marketing Executive (As Told By Cats)

There were many reasons as to why I'd make a great content marketing executive and many more cats willing to illustrate them, but we've managed to narrow it to the top 5 - enjoy!

Mellissa Potts • 4 years ago

10 Great Things About Lincoln

Lincoln is a relatively small city, but it's alright you know!

Mellissa Potts • 5 years ago

Problems With Staying At Your S.O's Parents House For The First Time

When staying at your spouses parents place, it can feel like their floor is made of eggshells. You want to come across as Mr/Ms Perfect which in a domestic situation can be pretty difficult. Here are some things that are likely to happen, and are likely to be annoying.

Mellissa Potts • 5 years ago