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This Man Sent The Perfect Reply To Meninists After They Mocked His Wedding Photo

BuzzFeed News spoke to the proud husband with a sharp wit.

The "meninist" movement is an online backlash against feminism, made up for men who say they need the “same equality as women”.

The meninists are largely spurred on by the "Meninist Tweet" Twitter account. The account tweets offensive comments, as well as people's personal photos without their permission.

On Saturday, they tweeted this to their 850,000 followers:

He's thinking about all the side hoes he has to give up

The couple shown getting married in the photos is 23-year-old Adam Harris, and his wife, Tisa.

The couple from Austin, Texas, married last September in Dripping Springs, Texas. Harris said he "couldn't hold back" his feelings of excitement and love.

Harris described the wedding day to BuzzFeed News:

"It was raining all day and windy. We were a bit afraid the ceremony wouldn't happen outdoors like we wanted it to but around noon the rain let up until the end of the ceremony. We agreed not to do the first look because we thought it would be more exciting to see each other for the first time during the ceremony. When it came time in the ceremony for her to walk down the aisle our DJ played "Beautiful" by Meshell Ndegeocello and the doors above the stairs opened. When I saw her, I couldn't hold back feelings of excitement and love, she looked gorgeous. Our photographer, Dustin Finklestein, captured the moment perfectly."

Harris said that his wedding photos had been a meme for months, and that his friend sent him the Meninist tweet 10 minutes after it was posted.

"I've actively opposed the offensive ones or ones that are plainly not funny," he told BuzzFeed News. "I'm a rather level-headed person so I just reacted how I would normally – just to brush it off."

But rather than brush off this tweet by the Meninist account, Harris responded with this perfect comeback:

Or I was thinking about my wife, but you know, do you.

Harris says that despite the occasional troll, the response to his tweet has been absolutely incredible.

@AdamHSays bless you and your wife! you look amazing! best wishes 💞

.@AdamHSays your answer to this filth is the epitome of elegance. And your wife looks like a dream. Stay blessed.

In just three days, his tweet has been retweeted over 50,000 times.

@AdamHSays such a badass response to this, correcting without trying to be aggressive back. Serious respect

@AdamHSays absolutely hate this account and when they use peoples personal moments and mock it with a high following

"There have been some awesome responses," he added. "Some have said that we have inspired their faith in love, which is really neat."

@AdamHSays Those are lovely photos. Commiserations on the horror of the net, but we can see you're at the start of a beautiful life together


The people behind the Meninist Twitter account refused an interview earlier this year when we first reported on their account.

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