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7 Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

Swaps and snacks to power you through the week.

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2. Swap potato chips for Tex Mex–style popcorn during your next Netflix marathon.

Tons of flavor with fewer calories. This version is sprinkled with homemade taco seasoning — a spicy, salty mix that includes chili powder, garlic powder, and paprika. Recipe here.

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3. Make a big, double batch of soup for dinner this week — then freeze half as leftovers for later this winter.

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Then just reheat and eat later when it's (inevitably) too cold to leave the house. Your future self will thank you. 😎

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4. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these better-for-you dessert options:

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Find three-ingredient recipes for desserts including frozen yogurt bark, strawberry lemon sorbet, and sweet potato–chocolate frosting here.

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