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Tell Us How You Moved On After A Relationship Didn't Work Out

We want to know.

For most of us, breakups are a tough (but necessary) part of life.


And whether that's cutting things off with an S.O., a friend, or even a family member β€” choosing to end a relationship is never an easy task.

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So we want to know: If you've been there before, how did you deal with the aftermath?


Maybe you ended a years-long relationship β€” after your best efforts to save it didn't work out.

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Afterwards, maybe you started therapy β€” so you could get to know yourself again without the other half. (Or you just watched John Tucker Must Die about 20 times. πŸ™ƒ)

Or maybe you put a stop to a relationship with a friend or family member that wasn't working for you.

Whatever the situation was, we want to know how you approached it β€” and how you moved forward after all was said and done.


What do you wish you'd known then that you know now? What would you tell someone going through the same thing?

Leave your best advice, take-aways, and life lessons in the comments below! We'll feature several in a future BuzzFeed Community post. πŸ’“