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23 Movies You Should Definitely Watch After A Breakup

"At least I'm not as pathetic as Bella Swan."

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the movies they watch when they're heartbroken. Here are some of their suggestions...

1. Chicago

Miramax Films

"It's about a bunch of beautiful, badass women that kill the men in their life. Though you shouldn't kill the person who broke your heart, you'll feel a lot better seeing these women somewhat do it for you through song and dance."


2. Hot Fuzz


"Hilarious, no romance (who wants to watch other people fall in love when you're heartbroken?), and a cathartic shoot-em-up at the end. Hot Fuzz is the perfect breakup film and I will not be told otherwise."



4. (500) Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"I watch this film to remind myself that it's not such a big deal, that life goes on, there's probably someone else for me out there, and being on my own is fine too. It hurts, but it's not the end of the world. It helps me put things into perspective. This film just allows me to tell myself that I'll be okay, and I also have the right not to be."


6. War of the Worlds


"When my first serious girlfriend implied she was dumping me by inviting me over after a major fight and introducing me to her fuckbuddy, my friend took me to the cinema to see it. Something about giant alien robots systematically vaporising the human race and obliterating everything and everyone we know and love somehow soothed my soul."



8. Finding Neverland

Miramax Films

"Finding Neverland always gets me for a good cry. It reminds you of the power and benefit in finding your own dreams/happy place, and demonstrates the multiple types of love that make life a fairy tale."


9. Hook

TriStar Pictures

"I have to go back to a childhood favourite so I always watch Hook. Robin Williams is a genius for starters, and I think it's so feelgood. It shows that no matter what, we can only rely on our inner strength and belief. It helps me heal knowing that no matter how long I've been with someone, it all comes down to how I react."


10. Bridget Jones's Diary

Miramax Films

"Bridget is hilarious and honest, a sloppy wine-drinking, granny-panty-wearing mess. She doesn't know her heart completely (or anything else), and it's refreshing to watch."


11. Jackass


"There is nothing better than switching your brain off for a little while and watching something ridiculous to make you laugh. They really help me relax and put a massive smile on my face."



14. The Breakfast Club


"Whenever I'm feeling down, I tune into The Breakfast Club. That cheeky humour and crazy shenanigans never fail. Also, there's no way anyone can't feel better after that fist-in-the-air moment at the end."


15. Forgetting Sarah Marshall


"Peter processing the breakup, then seeing Sarah and being mad at her, is such a good feeling. Out of all the breakup movies I watched, this one made me the happiest, because he was mad at her and he didn't pretend like he wasn't."



16. The Holiday

Columbia Pictures

"The moment when Iris realises she's over Jasper helped me so much. At the time I first saw the movie, I was in a similar situation as Iris, so that scene really helped me move on, realise how strong I am, and that I deserve so much more."


19. Diary of a Mad Black Woman


"Every time I got dumped in the past I would spend the entire weekend marathoning Tyler Perry movies. There was something about the message that just left me feeling loved and empowered. By the end of the marathon, I most certainly did not need a man in my life. There was no particular order to the movies, but I would always make sure to watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman at some point during the marathon."



21. Pocahontas


"She is madly in love with John Smith, but realises that being with him would not benefit her (or her people) in the long run. She is strong enough to make tough decisions and has a huge village of support around her. This one always bounces me back after a breakup."


Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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