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21 Little Parenting Hacks That'll Make Everything Easier

The more you know!

1. Use a shower caddy to easily organize baby bottles.

2. Place tape over toy speakers to lower the volume.

3. This little wiggle trick can make a fussy baby stop crying in about 10 seconds.

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Seems too good to be true — but this actually worked like a charm when my kid was little!

4. Use Post-its to stop automatic flushers if they scare your kid.

5. Wash tiny socks in a mesh bag so you'll never lose one again.

6. In a pinch, child-proof cabinets with a hair-tie.

7. Or baby-proof electrical outlets with Band-Aids.

8. A quick and free way to keep a toddler busy for a bit? Use tape to stage a parade or map out a road.

9. Or try the sticker variation.

10. Glue holes in bath toys to keep them from getting moldy.

11. Keep kiddie plates in order by storing them in a dish rack.

12. Dish racks can also double as art supply organizers.

13. Buy toddler birthday gifts in bulk to save time and money.

14. Avoid a drippy mess by cutting watermelon into sticks instead of slices.

15. Upcycle empty wipes containers into snack boxes for the car.

16. Use the envelope folds on a onesie for their intended purpose: to allow you to pull a onesie *down* off a poopy baby.

17. An empty Altoids container doubles as perfect on-the-go crayon storage.

18. Avoid the dreaded squeeze-and-spill by lifting the flaps on the sides of a juice box.

I was today years old when I found out the sides of juice boxes are for kids to hold it so they don’t squeeze out the juice

19. Use white noise to get your baby to sleep.

20. Attach a clip to the end of your kid’s bubble wand to keep it from falling into the container.

21. Puppy pads can work as mattress protectors in a pinch.

Last thing? Two words: ZIPPERED. 👏PAJAMAS. 👏