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    17 Genius Parenting Hacks You Won't Know How You Lived Without

    Straight from the archives of parent hack expert Asha Dornfest.

    Asha Dornfest has long been known as a master of parent hacks, and now she's released a book — Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids.

    To celebrate the book's release, Asha has shared some of her favorite hacks with BuzzFeed:

    1. "Organize drawing supplies with a dish drainer."

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    2. "Turn a bookshelf into a hanging wardrobe."

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    Dornfest suggests simply pulling a shelf out and popping in a closet rod for an instant wardrobe.

    3. "Help your kid climb into bed with a cookie sheet step."

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    Kiddo not quite tall enough to climb into bed on their own? Wedge a cookie sheet under the mattress leaving only about four inches exposed. Voila! A stair!

    4. "Trick the public restroom flush sensor by covering it with toilet paper."

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    You know, in case the sound makes your kid scream with terror every time like it does my kid.

    5. "Press small clothes with a flatiron."

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    What better way to keep tiny shirts and suits freshly pressed?

    6. "Trim kids' bangs with nose-hair scissors."

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    Safer, plus cutting with tiny scissors is way more fun.

    7. "Put the ketchup under the hot dog."

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    Waaaaaaaay less mess.

    8. "Flatten the toilet paper roll to slow its rotation."

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    Great for stopping your kid from overzealous paper-pulling.

    9. "Expand the waistband of your pre-pregnancy jeans with a ponytail holder."

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    This also works if you're just pregnant with a food baby.

    10. "Freeze a sanitary pad to help heal after childbirth."

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    Squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon can leave you a little sore, if you know what I mean. (You do, it's awful.) This hack will make any new mom more comfortable.

    11. "Reuse a peri bottle as a diaper sprayer."

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    If you're in the cloth diapering game, this one's an on-the-go lifesaver.

    12. "Put socks over footie pajamas to keep feet in place."

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    13. "Replace shoelaces with elastic to turn lace-up shoes into slip-ons."

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    Because waiting for a kid to tie their shoes can make the difference between being on time and missing an entire event.

    14. "Sort breast-milk bottles in six-pack cartons."

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    Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

    15. "Use a bottle nipple to dispense medication."

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    This is so much easier than trying to get a baby to drink from a tiny cup.

    16. "Contain dirty tissues with a tissue box trash can."

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    It's like a jail for germs!

    17. "Slide wooden puzzles into panty hose to keep the pieces in place."

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    Hot damn, that's clever. Never lose another letter.

    Want to learn 117 more genius hacks like these? You're gonna have to buy the book, available now. ;)