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Here's All The Food From Coachella This Year

There's a lot going on here.

1. These ice-cream stuffed tacos:

2. This churro sundae:

3. This deep-fried mac stack:

4. This loaded fries and strawberry slushie combo:

5. This ~taquito burrito~:

6. This omusubi trio:

7. These packed smoothie bowls:

8. These Beychella-inspired lemonade s'mores:

9. These fried chicken-stuffed waffle cones:

10. These tater tot hot dogs topped with nacho cheese:

11. This decadent lobster mac:

12. This insane ice cream:

13. And this vegan version:

14. This classic trinity:

15. This deep dish mac 'n' cheese pizza:

16. This cereal milk soft serve:

17. And this black charcoal one:

18. This monstrous burger:

19. This chicken and chow mein burrito:

20. And this black triple stack:

  1. Thoughts?

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