38 Super-Popular Costco Snacks: What To Stock And What To Skip

    From someone who's tried every single one of them.

    Costco's snack aisles are prettyyy glorious. 🛒

    I think I've tried nearly all of them at some point, so I put together a list of popular Costco snacks, ranked from my least favorite to favorite.

    Most of the list is shelf-stable (or nonrefrigerated) snacks for consistency, but if I missed your top choice, leave it in the comments!

    38. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

    A box of Nature's Valley Oats and Honey bars

    37. Lance Toasty Cracker Packs

    A box of Lance cracker snacks

    36. Clif Bars

    A box of Clif Bars

    35. Nutri-Grain Breakfast Bars

    A box of Nutrigrain breakfast bars

    34. Pretzel Crisps

    A bag of Pretzel Crisps

    33. Rice Krispies Treats

    A box of Rice Krispies treats

    32. Tapatío Mixed Nuts

    A bag of Tapatio mixed nuts

    31. Utz Jumbo Snack Pack

    A jumbo snack pack box of Utz chips

    30. The Good Bean Sea Salt Chickpeas

    A bag of The Good Bean organic chickpeas

    29. Fannie May S'mores Snack Mix

    A box of Fannie May S'mores Snack mix

    28. Moon Cheese

    A bag of Moon Cheese

    27. Harvested for You Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

    A bag of sprouted pumpkin seeds

    26. Banana Plantain Chips

    A bag of plantain chips

    25. Harvest Snaps Green Pea Snack Crisps

    A bag of Harvest Snaps pea crips

    24. Bear Naked Granola Bites

    A bag of Bear Naked granola bites

    23. Kirkland Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks

    Bags of Kirkland seaweed snacks.

    22. Edward Marc Chocolatier Coconut Almonds With Dark Chocolate

    A bag of Edward Marc Chocolatier coconut almonds with dark chocolate

    21. Tipiak's French Macarons

    A box of macarons

    20. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

    A box of Simple Mills almond flour crackers

    19. Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips

    A bag of Siete grain-free tortilla chips

    18. Organic Aussie Bites

    A box of Costco Aussie Bites

    17. Annie's Extra Cheddar Cheesy Smiles

    A bag of Annie's cheddar snacks

    16. Pirate's Booty

    A box of Pirate's Booty crisps

    15. Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

    A box of Tate's chocolate chip cookies

    14. Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips

    13. Organic Wholly Guacamole Cups

    Wholly Guacamole cups

    12. Kinder Bueno Bars

    A box of Kinder Bueno bars

    11. King's Hawaiian Rolls

    A pack of King's Hawaiian Rolls

    10. Hu Dark Chocolate Gems

    A bag of Hu snacking chocolates

    9. KIND Mini Bars

    A box of Kind bars

    8. Cheez-Its

    A box of Cheez Its

    7. Kirkland Organic Applesauce

    A box of Kirkland organic applesauce packs

    6. Country Archer Mini Beef Sticks

    A bag of Country Archer beef sticks

    5. Siete Churro Strips

    A bag of churro strips

    4. Made Good Granola Minis

    A bag of made good granola

    3. Tropical Fields Organic Crispy Coconut Rolls

    A bag of coconut rolls

    2. Kirkland Mixed Nuts

    A tub of Kirkland mixed nuts

    1. Organic Dried Mangoes

    A bag of Kirkland organic dried mangoes

    What's your favorite (or least favorite) Costco snack? Share in the comments!