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    This Is What Grocery Stores Look Like In Germany, Compared To America

    Who knew??

    Hallo! My name's Michelle, and I recently moved from NYC to Berlin, Germany. One thing that fascinates me about my new country is how different its supermarkets are compared to what I was used to. Here are a few examples:

    1. In German supermarkets, the bread aisle is way more varied than an American one.

    Grab-and-go bread case at a German supermarket.

    2. A standard German beer bottle has almost a full cup more liquid than an American one.

    German beer bottle

    3. Haribo gummies are a HUGE thing here. You'll find them in every animal shape, flavor, and texture imaginable.

    Display of Haribo gummies at a German supermarket

    4. Almost all grocery stores are stocked with super efficient recycling systems that'll reward you with €.08 for every beer bottle, and €.25 for every plastic one.

    5. Speaking of recycling, you're not a true German until you've repurposed 20 food jars of various sizes.

    Display of jarred goods at German supermarket

    6. Even sausages sometimes come in jars. 👀

    Display of jarred sausages at German supermarket

    7. Speaking of sausages, they come in every size, flavor, and color.

    Display of packaged sausages at German supermarket

    8. Berlin is known as the vegan food capital of Europe — so you'll find tons of substitute meat options in supermarkets.

    9. There's no real "American aisle" — but there are lots of (kinda sad) replicas of things I might find in the U.S.

    10. Like in many other European grocery stores, eggs are not refrigerated.

    Carton of eggs — with a stray feather visible — at German supermarket.

    11. German grocery stores are where I learned that Germany produces more cheese than France. 😱

    Display of cheeses at German supermarket

    12. The cold cuts here are just as varied as the cheeses.

    13. German and American grocery stores are both obsessed with pickles.

    Display of jarred pickles at German supermarket

    14. It's a great thing that I love muesli, because it makes up probably 70% of the breakfast food aisle.

    15. My all-time favorite part of grocery shopping here is — hands down — the chocolate.

    Display of chocolate at German supermarket

    16. And when I say chocolate, I really mean Ritter and Kinder.

    Display of Ritter and Kinder-brand chocolate at German supermarket

    17. Groceries are exceptionally affordable here — at least compared to the U.S.

    18. Bagging your groceries will almost always be the most anxiety-inducing task of the day.