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12 Baking Hacks That We Know Are Actually Legit

Here's what's actually worth your time.

1. Use unflavored dental floss to slice baked goods without squishing them down.

2. Add mayo to boxed cake batter to make it even better.

3. When finishing pie crusts, use kitchen staples — like forks — as easy decor tools:

Spoons and tongs work too:

4. Make the easiest no-knead bread ever with just four ingredients.

5. Downsize a sheet pan with a simple strip of foil.

6. Add a bit of vodka to pie crust to make it flakier.

7. Prevent batter from sticking by prepping cake pans and cookie scoops with nonstick spray — even if they're already nonstick...

And spray everything over an open dishwasher so you don't get it all over your countertops.

8. Combine butter + boxed mix + sprinkles to make no-bake cake ball truffles.

9. Keep slice-and-bake cookies round by rolling them into parchment logs or storing them in empty paper towel rolls.

10. Make mini cookie butter cakes with just three ingredients.

11. Avoid batter splatter by attaching a paper plate to your hand mixer.

(And remember: It's often easier to rotate the bowl, instead of the mixer.)

12. To boost flavor, sprinkle chocolate chip cookies with a bit of flaky sea salt before baking.