How Annoying Are You On Instagram?

How many #selfies are too many?

  1. Check all that apply to you...
    1. 1 I post pictures of my dinner and #foodporn
    2. 2 …More than once a week
    3. 3 …Every day
    4. 4 I have deleted a photo that wasn’t doing well and reposted it later
    5. 5 I have hashtagged #nofilter when I used a filter
    6. 6 I have posted a picture of a #sunset
    7. 7 I have posted a #selfie at the #gym
    8. 8 I have posted pictures that I actually took months ago  
    9. 9 I have compulsively checked how many hearts a photo has
    10. 10 I have self-hearted a photo #sorrynotsorry
    11. 11 I’ve purposely skipped over photos of #babies
    12. 12 I have put a photo through a filter, saved it, and then put it through a different filter to be “artsy” 
    13. 13 I post too many pictures of my cat
    14. 14 I have used inside joke #hashtags
    15. 15 #overhashtagging #yolo #yooloo #yooolooo
    16. 16 I have stolen an image and claimed it was mine
    17. 17 I have posted a photo of #nothing
    18. 18 I’ve used #TBT on a day that wasn’t Thursday
    19. 19 I post lots of unremarkable pics of my kids
    20. 20 I have purposely not liked a picture that already has a ton of likes 
    21. 21 I have unfollowed someone so my “following to being followed” ratio is below 1/1.
    22. 22 I post content I find on Reddit
    23. 23 I post IM convos where I think I’m being funny
    24. 24 I use #hashtags I think are ironic but are really just irritating 
    25. 25 I’ve posted 8 drunk concert photos in a row
    26. 26 I’ve posted someone else’s pics and didn’t give them credit because I was TOTALLY AT FASHION WEEK AND WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW IT….but my phone was dead and I couldn’t take any pics of my own
    27. 27 I describe myself. With complete sentences. In my profile.
    28. 28 I’ve posted pics to try and make an ex jealous
    29. 29 I have self-hearted a photo after it had 11 likes, so someone would have to click to see all the hearters before seeing that I self-hearted
    30. 30 I’ve posted pics of Ninja Turtles to make everyone jealous
    31. 31 I follow my crushes so I can track their every move
    32. 32 I’ve stalked my Insta-crush and accidentally hearted their photo and had an existential crisis of whether or not to unheart
    33. 33 I’m guily of #overhashtagging
    34. 34 I’ve spent hours on a rainy Sunday posting funny comments to people that pop up on the ‘Explore’ page 
    35. 35 I’ve unfollowed someone because all they post are pics of themselves doing yoga poses
    36. 36 I have posted an #inspirational quote
    37. 37 I’ve deleted photos quickly when I’ve thought of a better caption
    38. 38 I’ve deleted a photo I decided wasn’t funny and had a panic attack over everyone seeing the process
    39. 39 I refresh the app every 20 minutes
    40. 40 …10 minutes
    41. 41 …5 minutes
    42. 42 My entire mood depends on whether or not the little orange notification shows up
    43. 43 I’ve posted a screenshot of my Spotify player and captioned it with, “Just one of those [artist/band] days.”
    44. 44 On vacation, I have posted pictures of my glistening #summerhotdoglegs
    45. 45 …My sand covered #toes
    46. 46 I use the Kelvin filter unironically
    47. 47 I have posted a “sleeping” #selfie
    48. 48 I post more than 8 photos a day
    49. 49 I like random people’s photos so I can get followers
    50. 50 I follow random people that use the #followme hashtag so I can get more followers
    51. 51 I have more than 200 followers
    52. 52 …More than 500 followers
    53. 53 …More than 1k followers
    54. 54 …Over 10k followers
    55. 55 When I don’t get enough hearts on a photo, I take it down and re-gram it again
    56. 56 I have liked every one of someone’s photos because they haven’t answered a text yet and I know it will make them feel bad
    57. 57 I’ve spent time stalking the cool looking friends of people I’m already stalking
    58. 58 I live my life vicariously through other people’s Instagrams
    59. 59 I have used Instagram to break up with someone
    60. 60 I have used Instagram to hook up with someone

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