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How Annoying Are You On Instagram?

How many #selfies are too many?

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  1. 1. Check all that apply to you...

    I post pictures of my dinner and #foodporn
    ...More than once a week
    ...Every day
    I have deleted a photo that wasn’t doing well and reposted it later
    I have hashtagged #nofilter when I used a filter
    I have posted a picture of a #sunset
    I have posted a #selfie at the #gym
    I have posted pictures that I actually took months ago  
    I have compulsively checked how many hearts a photo has
    I have self-hearted a photo #sorrynotsorry
    I've purposely skipped over photos of #babies
    I have put a photo through a filter, saved it, and then put it through a different filter to be "artsy" 
    I post too many pictures of my cat
    I have used inside joke #hashtags
    #overhashtagging #yolo #yooloo #yooolooo
    I have stolen an image and claimed it was mine
    I have posted a photo of #nothing
    I've used #TBT on a day that wasn't Thursday
    I post lots of unremarkable pics of my kids
    I have purposely not liked a picture that already has a ton of likes 
    I have unfollowed someone so my "following to being followed" ratio is below 1/1.
    I post content I find on Reddit
    I post IM convos where I think I'm being funny
    I use #hashtags I think are ironic but are really just irritating 
    I've posted 8 drunk concert photos in a row
    I've posted someone else's pics and didn't give them credit because I was TOTALLY AT FASHION WEEK AND WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW IT....but my phone was dead and I couldn't take any pics of my own
    I describe myself. With complete sentences. In my profile.
    I've posted pics to try and make an ex jealous
    I have self-hearted a photo after it had 11 likes, so someone would have to click to see all the hearters before seeing that I self-hearted
    I've posted pics of Ninja Turtles to make everyone jealous
    I follow my crushes so I can track their every move
    I've stalked my Insta-crush and accidentally hearted their photo and had an existential crisis of whether or not to unheart
    I'm guily of #overhashtagging
    I've spent hours on a rainy Sunday posting funny comments to people that pop up on the 'Explore' page 
    I've unfollowed someone because all they post are pics of themselves doing yoga poses
    I have posted an #inspirational quote
    I've deleted photos quickly when I've thought of a better caption
    I've deleted a photo I decided wasn't funny and had a panic attack over everyone seeing the process
    I refresh the app every 20 minutes
    ...10 minutes
    ...5 minutes
    My entire mood depends on whether or not the little orange notification shows up
    I've posted a screenshot of my Spotify player and captioned it with, "Just one of those [artist/band] days."
    On vacation, I have posted pictures of my glistening #summerhotdoglegs
    ...My sand covered #toes
    I use the Kelvin filter unironically
    I have posted a "sleeping" #selfie
    I post more than 8 photos a day
    I like random people’s photos so I can get followers
    I follow random people that use the #followme hashtag so I can get more followers
    I have more than 200 followers
    ...More than 500 followers
    ...More than 1k followers
    ...Over 10k followers
    When I don’t get enough hearts on a photo, I take it down and re-gram it again
    I have liked every one of someone's photos because they haven't answered a text yet and I know it will make them feel bad
    I've spent time stalking the cool looking friends of people I'm already stalking
    I live my life vicariously through other people's Instagrams
    I have used Instagram to break up with someone
    I have used Instagram to hook up with someone

How Annoying Are You On Instagram?

If #hashtagging was an olympic sport, you’d surely get a gold medal. You’re pretty insta-annoying.

bootbearwdc, CC by http://2.0, Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bootbearwdc
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You're an insta-expert who cearly gets #food, #selfies, and #TBT. Keep on hashtagging.

iphoneappmaniacs, CC by http://2.0, Creative Commons / Via Flickr: iphoneappmaniacs
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You're just living your life, #hashtagging every step of the way. Don't let the haters get you down, you're #instagood.

mag3737, CC by http://2.0, Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mag3737
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