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    25 Things From Amazon Canada That’ll Make Great Stocking Stuffers

    And they're all under $25, too!

    1. A zipper light if they like taking walks at night (aka 5 p.m. during the winter months). Cars will be able to see them coming, and reviewers say it makes a great safety addition to their dog's collars, too.

    someone wearing the light on their zipper and unlocking a door

    2. A set of spa headbands that'll keep their mop out of their face while they're doing their skincare routine. And it has a Velcro closure, so they can adjust the fit to their liking.

    someone with the headband on while they lay on a towel with a face mask on

    3. A detangling wet brush that'll get all of the knots and tangles out of their tresses without putting their scalp through agony. Since there are vents on the back, it'll make a great blow-drying brush, too.

    someone using the brush on their hair in the shower

    4. A mini flat iron that they can take with them on the go, saving them from lugging around their larger hair tools. It'll heat up in under 30 seconds and has ceramic plates for frizz-free strands.

    the flat iron above someone's hand

    5. A pack of Burt's Bees holiday lip products that'll keep their pucker looking shiny, and soft. It comes with a lip shimmer, a tint, and a classic balm that make the ultimate trio.

    the pack of lip balms beside some leaves

    6. A giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup that's literally half a pound of delicious peanut-buttery goodness. Chocolate lovers will truly thank you for this one.

    the reese's cup going into a stocking

    7. Or a Reese's chocolate assortment for the die-hard Reese's lovers in your life. It has everything from the classic peanut butter cups to chocolate bars, sticks, and minis.

    a bunch of different reese's chocolate

    8. An electric fabric shaver that'll make any old, ratty-looking sweater appear brand-spanking new. They can also use it on couch cushions and other fabrics that might need a lil' refresh.

    a person using the shaver on fabric

    9. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle remover that'll instantly dissolve their crusty-lookin' cuticles. Reviewers love how fast it works and that they no longer have to soak their nails in warm water for 20 minutes prior to a mani.

    a person applying the nail cuticle erasing product to their cuticle on an orange background

    10. Or a bottle of OPI cuticle oil that'll prevent painful hangnails and keep their talons nice and strong. Reviewers say it smells great and prevents them from gnawing at their nails, too.

    victoria holding a bottle of the cuticle oil in her fingers

    11. A box of gold gel eye masks that'll help reduce any puffiness to hide evidence of their late-night TikTok scrolling. Reviewers love that they stay in place and actually make a visible difference.

    12. A pack of jumbo hair clips that'll grip their tresses and make for a chic updo. Reviewers also love using them to section their strands while styling.

    The three hair clips and a person using one in their hair

    13. A pack of exfoliating mitts that'll help them rub 'n' scrub away any dead skin. It'll help clean out their pores and eliminate any breakouts, blackheads, or pesky ingrown hairs.

    the wash cloth on Alice's hand

    14. A pair of magnetic key holders that'll replace their basic ol' key hook and give them a cute one instead. Reviewers are fans of the adhesive and love that it's so easy to install!

    15. A trio of eyebrow razors that'll shape their brows to perfection. They can also be used to remove peach fuzz from their face, which will help their makeup glide on perfectly.

    Three eyebrow razors on a desk next to coffee, pencils, a journal, and computer

    16. A pack of half lashes that'll save them from fussing with full-on strips. Reviewers say they're very comfortable, too (goodbye heavy lids!).

    The pack of lashes surrounded by lashes and flower petals

    17. A copy of the Burn After Writing journal so they can release their innermost thoughts and burn 'em to flames right after. Reviewers love how therapeutic it feels to answer the thought-provoking questions, and say it helped shift their perspective, too.

    the book on a tray on top of a bed and another copy open on the bed

    18. An ice roller that'll help depuff their face in the morning, so they'll feel more awake and ready to take on the day. It'll also work wonders on migraines or neck pain.

    19. A pack of teeth-whitening pens if they're always complaining about the shade of their chompers. These will help keep their teeth pearly-white, and reviewers say they have no smell or taste, either.

    someone holding the teeth whitening pen

    20. A Clean & Clear jelly eye mask that'll soothe the delicate skin around their peepers after a long day. They'll work in a jiffy (15 minutes, to be exact) — perfect for when they need a quick refresh before going out.

    Three sheet masks in packaging on a plain background

    21. An Aveeno hand mask that'll rehydrate their uber-dry hands if they've already been cursed by the harsh winter air. Reviewers say they love to leave it on overnight to soothe their cracked skin.

    A pair of sheet masks placed on a book that is sitting on a table

    22. A packet of unicorn white hot chocolate mix that'll *wow* them when it turns pink with just a splash of hot liquid. Reviewers say it's super sweet and creamy, so it'll definitely satisfy their dessert cravings.

    a mug of white hot chocolate with marshmallows

    23. A pack of pimple patches if they have a bad habit of picking at their zits. It'll suck the gross stuff out of their breakouts and prevent them from getting scars.

    a pack of the pimple patches on a desk

    24. A pair of anti-slip AirPod ear hooks that'll stop their buds from falling out of their ears mid-workout. They'll adjust to any ear shape while still maintaining their shape, so they won't stretch out or cause discomfort.

    The AirPod hooks on a pair of AirPod pros

    25. And lastly, a bottle of vanilla shaving cream so they can stop opting for their body wash or conditioner to shave their legs. It's infused with shea butter that'll keep their skin hydrated and soft for hours.

    the shaving cream in the shower

    It's the little things that count!

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