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    24 Treats And Doodads Under $5 That'll Make Great Lil' Stocking Stuffers

    Chocolates, beauty supplies, stickers, and more!

    1. A pack of unicorn white hot chocolate that'll ✨change colour✨ as they sip it. Reviewers say its flavour reminds them of birthday cake, which anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate.

    a unicorn mug filled with pink hot chocolate

    2. A fiery Jibbitz Shoe Charm that'll spice up their favourite pair of Crocs. All they'll have to do is pop it into one of their shoe's mini holes and voilà!

    a fire charm in a croc shoe

    3. A Terry's Chocolate Orange because it's an absolute classic (and delicious) treat that deserves to be in everybody's stocking. I mean, how satisfying is it when you smash one of these *just right* and are left with the most perfect slices?

    a terrys chocolate orange on a wood surface

    4. A double-sided cleansing sponge with a gritty scrub on one side and a soft loofah on the other. They'll be able to easily switch between exfoliating and lathering up!

    a person holding the double sided sponge

    5. A pair of snazzy ankle socks that'll make 'em happy to take their shoes off the next time they're at a house party. IDK about you, but I love a frilly ankle.

    a person wearing mesh socks

    6. A birthday cake EOS lip balm that smells so good, they'll be tempted to eat it. On top of that, it's made with shea butter that'll help keep their lips feeling hydrated as heck this winter.

    a lip balm on a plate next to birthday cake

    7. A pair of taper candles that'll leave behind vibrant, multi-coloured drippings as they melt. They're unscented, which is perfect for anyone who has a sensitivity to fragrances.

    two taper candles with vibrant drippings

    8. A pumice foot file that'll help 'em buff away dead skin and smooth out their heels. Now they'll be able to give themselves a quick pedi every time they hop in the shower.

    a pumice brush on a blank background

    9. A pair of bamboo chopsticks so they can quit asking for disposable ones every time they order sushi. They're super cute and come in a bunch of colours, meaning you can probably find a pair that'll match their aesthetic.

    four pairs of two-toned bamboo chopsticks

    10. And an adorable chopstick holder that'll give them somewhere to set their utensils down between bites. It's shaped like a tiny origami crane, which is meant to symbolize all kinds of good vibes (like success, luck, and happiness).

    a pair of chopsticks resting on a crane-shaped holder

    11. A pair of Aveeno hand and foot masks that'll soothe their thirsty digits and stompers with prebiotic oats and shea butter. Reviewers say they noticed a huge improvement in their skin after a single use and love how quickly they work to soften their rough spots.

    a pair of hand and foot masks on a table

    12. A handy-dandy shoe horn that'll save them from struggling with their boots and help them slip 'em on quickly. Plus, the backs of their shoes won't get smooshed down.

    a shoe horn next to a pair of dress shoes

    13. A jar of Tetley herbal tea that'll warm them up this winter. This particular blend has lemon, orange, and vitamin D — which they'll appreciate if they miss that summer sunshine.

    a container of tea bags next to a slices of orange and lemon and a cup of tea

    14. A TONYMOLY sheet mask that'll inspire them take a moment and pamper themselves over the holidays. Tell them to stick it in the fridge before they put it on for a refreshing cooling effect.

    15. Or a bestselling Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Mask that is meant to soothe irritated skin and reduce the look of acne, leaving them with a more even complexion.

    the face mask in its package

    16. A lizard sticker book full of designs they can slap onto their phone case, laptop, bike frame, or wherever else the inspo strikes. The illustrations are realistic and super detailed, which is sure to grab their attention.

    various illustrated lizard stickers

    17. A pair of nail charms that'll add a certain ~je ne sais quoi~ to their next manicure. They can use a dab of nail glue or a top coat to keep 'em extra secure.

    a pair of cherry-shaped nail charms

    18. A shroomy gel pen that'll make writing their to-do lists an absolute joy. It'll give their desk a cute lil' upgrade, too.

    mushroom pens in a cup on a desk

    19. A pack of teeny-tiny hair elastics that'll help them achieve more intricate hairstyles. They're perfect for securing braids so they can skip using bulky hair ties that weigh down their ends.

    a pack of tiny hair elastics

    20. A bottle of Kernels White Cheddar Seasoning that'll tantalize their tastebuds and make their next bowl of popcorn a little more exciting.

    a person shaking white cheddar seasoning on to a bowl of popcorn

    21. A lip gel mask they can wear while they prep their skin for makeup. It's made with niacinamide and green tea extract to deliver a serious punch of hydration in just five minutes.

    Victoria holding up a lip gel pack

    22. And a pair of eye gel masks to help them feel refreshed (especially after a big night out). They've got caffeine and collagen to rejuvenate their under-eye area and make them look a little more awake.

    a person putting the eye masks on

    23. A pack of mini Lindor milk chocolates because just about everyone is obsessed with these tasty treats (aside from those with allergies or dietary restrictions, obvi).

    a plate of mini lindor chocolate balls

    24. And finally, a colour-changing lip balm that'll use their body’s unique pH levels to create their own perfect shade of pink. It's packed with argan oil and beeswax to help keep their pucker smooth and hydrated.

    a softlips sheer colour lip balm

    Happy holiday shopping, friends!

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