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    17 Stocking Stuffers Under $25 For The Kiddos In Your Life

    After seeing all these, you're gonna want to spoil 'em.

    1. A Melissa & Doug scratch art notepad that'll reveal a magical rainbow as they doodle. Reviewers love how it doesn’t rub off on their fingers, and that it doesn’t make a big ol’ mess on the table.

    2. A set of puffy stickers that they can use to decorate their stuff. Reviewers love that they're easy to remove, so little kiddos can stick 'em anywhere in the house without wrecking the walls.

    3. A pack of dinosaur bath bombs that'll turn their tub water fun colours. Once the egg fully fizzles out, a toy dino will appear for them to play with — a super good distraction for the squirmy ones who want to escape the bath immediately.

    4. Or a bath crayon set if you want to encourage them to express their artistic side without making a mess. Now they can make the tub walls their canvas.

    a kid in the bath using the crayons to draw on the tub

    5. A pack of washable Crayola scented markers that'll make their drawings smell delicious. They won't smudge all over their hands or bleed through paper and onto your tables, either.

    a drawing of sweets with the pack of markers beside it

    6. A pack of bubble fidget keychains they can attach to their backpack. They'll come in handy if they're ever feeling overwhelmed and need something to silently fidget with.

    two square bubble fidget keychains beside each other

    7. A pack of butterfly clips they'll have so much fun putting in their hair. They'll keep their tresses out of their face at school or while they're eating, so you won't be stuck pulling apple chunks out of their mane.

    a kid smiling with the clips in their hair

    8. A Melissa & Doug flower magnet craft kit so they can paint their own fridge decals. They can really deck them out with the stickers and glitter glue it comes with, too.

    9. A building block mug that they can play with while sipping their hot chocolate. Reviewers say it actually keeps drinks warmer than other mugs and love that it can fit actual LEGO pieces, too.

    the cup with steam coming out of it and building block pieces on it

    10. A snowman-making kit if they've always dreamed of creating their very own Frosty. It comes with all the classic pieces that'll help bring him to life, so they won't have to go searching the house for a carrot and spare buttons.

    the contents of the snowman kit laid out on a plain surface

    11. A magical Lip Smacker lip balm trio with two whipped frappe lippies and one balm stick that your makeup-loving little one will get a thrill out of. Reviewers say they smell good and leave a little sheen on the lips, too.

    the three lip products on a plain surface

    12. A fuzzy penguin notepad that they can use to write down all their bright ideas. It's the perfect lil' companion that'll help them express their inner artist or writer.

    13. A pack of cozy cat socks with little ears that are so cute, they won't want to wear any other pair. They're crew style, so they won't easily slide off their feet when they're frolicking around the house.

    14. A rabbit toothbrush holder that'll be their supportive little brush-huggin' friend who'll greet them every morning. You can even name it, so it'll encourage them to scrub those pearly whites and not keep their new pal hanging.

    the rabbit toothbrush holder suctioned to the wall while holding a toothbrush

    15. A LEGO DOTS bracelet kit with gamer charms that'll allow them to design their very own arm candy that they'll want to rock 24/7. There are plenty of charms, and the bracelet is adjustable, so it'll fit all wrist sizes.

    a kid putting charms on the bracelet

    16. An adorable giraffe wash mitt that'll make cleaning up more fun, especially for the kids who dread showers and bath time. It also has a little loop that you can hang on a hook, so it'll always be within reach.

    the wash mitt on a stone counter

    17. And lastly, a pair of over-ear headphones for when they want to watch their shows on a tablet while you're watching yours on the TV. They're cushioned for added comfort and they're foldable for the on-the-go.

    a kid smiling while wearing the headphones

    How amped they're going to be after they see their stocking full of dreams:

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