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25 MORE Of The Most Heartrending "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Moments

Watching "Buffy" is often an exercise in pain management, because behind every laugh lurks a traumatizing death or betrayal. There’s just too many sob-inducing moments for one list, so here’s 25 MORE Of The Most Heartrending "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Moments (in no particular order). SPOILERS. Go here for the first 25 Most Heartrending "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Moments.

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1. Buffy sacrifices Angel

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Season 2 comes to a tense and thundering end as Buffy realizes the only way to save the world is to send Angel into a Hell Dimension. What makes it even worse is that we, like Buffy, know Angel’s sacrifice is inevitable, and Xander's betrayal seals Angel's fate. “Close your eyes." Why Joss, why? (Becoming Part 2, Season 2, Episode 22)

2. Buffy leaves

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Buffy packs a bag, leaves a note for her mom, and leaves town, hoping against hope she can run away from her pain and Slayer legacy. All to Sarah MacLachlan’s “Full of Grace.” (Becoming Part 2, Season 2, Episode 22)

4. Anya’s walk of shame

Xander jilts Anya mere minutes before their wedding, dashing her hopes and happiness, leaving Anya to take her bridal march alone, and announce to the guests what’s happened. The pain etched in Anya's face says it all. (Hell’s Bells, Season 6, Episode 16)

5. Buffy kisses Faith

Buffy and Faith always had a weird dynamic (even after Faith’s redemption), wrought with jealousy, betrayal, love, hate, friendship, and empathy. After beating Faith into a coma, Buffy collapses after Angel feeds on her to save his life, and in her visions Faith gives her the key to defeat the Mayor. Before she leaves the hospital, she tenderly kisses a comatose Faith on the forehead, backshadowing Faith’s gesture in “Enemies.” (Graduation Day Part 2, Season 3, Episode 22)

6. The Final Four

Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander head to their last battle the way they headed to their first: together. Their slow walk through Sunnydale High’s corridors, each saying a silent and final goodbye as they leave one another, starts the cryfest that continues through the rest of the series finale. (Chosen, Season 7, Episode 22)

7. Amanda's death

Hometown Potential and fan favorite, stand-in for the show’s fanboys and fangirls, and kickass geek. We knew some upsetting deaths were coming in the series finale, but hoped Amanda wouldn't be one of them. She was. (Chosen, Season 7, Episode 22)

8. Holden

Buffy's old schoolfriend is a pretty nice guy even as a vampire, and that's part of the reason his dusting was upsetting to many viewers. Buffy agreed with us. Holden: "Hey, I don't mean to be Count Buttinsky here, but you just don't seem as thrilled. Is it because we're gonna fight?" Buffy: "It's 'cause I'm gonna win." (Conversations with Dead People, Season 7, Episode 7)

9. Tara's violation

Tara discovers, with Dawn's accidental help, that Willow has been casting memory spells on her. Her sense of betrayal and violation causes her to question her relationship with Willow, and kicks off Willow's downward spiral. (Once More, With Feeling, Season 6, Episode 7)

10. The slap

Willow's magic addiction spirals downward, and an out-of-control bender almost kills Dawn, shattering Dawn and Buffy's trust in Willow. The final insult is Dawn's contemptuous slap. (Wrecked, Season 6, Episode 10)

11. Oz leaves

After his tryst with the icky she-werewolf Veruca, Oz realizes he has to leave and learn to control his lycanthropy, before it destroys the only person he love: Willow. Willow: "Oz, don't you love me?" Oz: "My whole life, I've never loved anything else." Stop Joss. Please. (Wild at Heart, Season 4, Episode 6)

12. I don't want to die

But yet she did. Buffy hadn't yet realized that Death is her gift, and heartbreakingly pleads to have the burden lifted from her after she hears the prophecy that The Master will rise and kill her. Which he does, but Buffy kicked Death's ass and then The Master's, and all in a party dress and heels. (Prophecy Girl, Season 1, Episode 12, season finale)

13. Buffy gives up

The Slayer never gives up, ever. Until Glory kidnaps Dawn. Buffy literally collapses in defeat amid the dead bodies of the Knights of Byzantium, lapsing into a catatonic state, and dooming the world and her sister to destruction. (Spiral, Season 5, Episode 20)

14. Tara comforts Buffy

Buffy is disturbed by her abusive -- and secret -- relationship with Spike, which bounces between rough sex and her beating the hell out of him. Convinced she was resurrected "wrong," she is shocked when Tara tells her that isn't so, and it's okay if she likes Spike, or even loves him. Realizing what she's done to and with Spike is what she wants to be doing, Buffy begs Tara NOT to forgive her, and breaks down completely. (Dead Things, Season 6, Episode 13)

15. Angel embraces death

Few episodes in Buffy are as gutting as this, as the The First torments the resouled Angel with his past misdeeds. Standing on a hill waiting for sunrise and his death, Buffy's tearful pleadings with him won't stop his suicide, but Something else does, as Sunnydale's heatwave turns into a snowstorm, saving Angel's life. (Amends, Season 3, Episode 10)

16. Jonathan's death

Hiding out in Mexico after the rise of Dark Willow, Jonathan forces Andrew to return to Sunnydale so they can find the The Seal of Danzalthar and help Buffy defeat The First. Instead, Andrew kills Jonathan as a blood sacrifice to The First. (Conversations With Dead People, Season 7, Episode 7)

17. Xander's speech

Xander readies the frightened Potentials for their attack on Caleb at the Vineyard, giving a rousing speech about his loyalty to Buffy, ending with, "I'm telling you right now she cares more about your lives than you will ever know. You gotta trust her. She's earned it." But this time, he's wrong. This time, he and others will pay a hard price for Buffy's miscalculations, and the ever-loyal Xander's trust in Buffy is shaken to the core. (Dirty Girls, Season 7, Episode 18)

18. Andrew's confession

A light-hearted Andrew-centric episode chronicling the adventures of Buffy the VAMPYRE Slayer takes a dark turn, as Andrew is forced to admit he murdered his best friend Jonathan for selfish reasons. His sincere tears of contrition temporarily close the Hellmouth. (Storyteller, Season 7, Episode 16)

19. Faith's Watcher betrays her

Faith the Rogue Slayer was made, not born: abusive and neglectful parents and seeing her first Watcher torn to shreds before her eyes caused some major emotional and trust issues. Then her new Watcher Gwendolyn Post comes to town, and Faith bonds with her. Of course Gwendolyn Post is evil, driving a major wedge between Faith and Buffy, and has to be killed after stealing the powerful Glove of Myneghon. Faith turns to the dark side after Post's death, telling Buffy, "I'm on my side. That's enough." (Revelations, Season 3, Episode 7)

20. Buffy tells Dawn she cares

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Buffy tells Dawn it doesn't matter if their mother is dead, she's there for her, and always will be. Not a dry eye in the living room after that. (Forever, Season 5, Episode 17)

21. Buffy abandoned

The entire seventh season led to this scene in the Summers' living room: Dawn, the Scoobies, and the Potentials rightly calling Buffy out on her arrogance and myopia as a leader, revoking her leadership, and demanding she leave. The viewers may have been even more shocked than Buffy at the turn of events. Ironically, Faith is the only one in the end who supports Buffy. (Empty Places, Episode 19)

22. Resurrecting Tara

Holding Tara's body in her arms, Willow begs Osiris to bring Tara back to life. When he says he can't because the death didn't involve magic, Willow lets out a howl of anguish and black magic that shocks even Osiris, and Dark Willow is unleashed. (Villains, Season 6, Episode 20)

23. Attempted Rape

The season-long dysfunctional and mutually-abusive relationship between Buffy and Spike finally exploded when the line between consensual and coerced was finally overstepped. Spike's shock at his actions and Buffy's fear still haunt viewers. (Seeing Red, Season 6, Episode 20)

24. You're the one, Buffy."

Kicked out of her home, abandoned by Dawn, her friends, and Potentials, Buffy is all alone. Until Spike tracks her down and gives her the most heartrending speech ever, giving her the strength and confidence to, once again, save the world. (Touched, Season 7, Episode 20)

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