24 Kitties Who Can Kick Grumpy Cat’s Ass

Forget that pampered Hollywood diva Grumpy Cat. These 25 kitties are who should be getting their own line of bottled coffee drinks.

3. Mission: Impossible Kitty

4. Cross-Species Cage Fight Kitty

5. Punkerwise the Evil Clown Kitty

6. Rosemary’s Baby Kitty

7. Gordon Ramsay Kitty

8. Too Hungover for Waffle House Kitty

9. Harley Kitty

11. Thunderdome Kitty

12. I Don’t Need Fur Kitty

13. Crocodile Hunter Kitty

14. Yeti Kitty

15. Make My Day Kitty

16. Tweaked Out Kitty

18. Bad Trip Kitty

19. Maybe Not Even An Actual Cat Kitty

21. Most Interesting Cat in the World Kitty

22. Armoured Personnel Carrier Kitty

23. Justifiable Homicide Kitty

24. Bear Whisperer Kitty

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