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    20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser

    When Starz announced they were making international bestseller and fan fic fav Outlander into a series, there was only one question on everyone's minds: who would play James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser? Luckily, they cast the flawless Sam Heughan.

    1. He's Scottish.

    2. He looks great in a kilt.

    @Heughan Thank you soooo much for the kilted pic! drooling........

    3. And even better in this belted plaid.

    4. He says "sassenach" sexier than any other person alive.

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    Via Youtube

    5. He and Caitriona Balfe really like one another.

    6. He has Jamie Fraser abs (okay, that's made up).

    Brighton swim!! 2 days to #blenheimtriathlon Hopefully no current there!? Lovely day boys! @pattermeister @thargy

    7. Because of this photo.

    8. Which is even better as this gif.

    9. He does triathlons.

    10. He likes to cook.

    11. He enjoys nature.

    Beautiful BC! Look after your lakes and mountains, they are special healing places. Thank you for looking after us!x

    12. He likes dogs.

    13. And horses.

    14. And even hedgehogs.

    They desperately need names!!!! They need your help...

    15. EVERYONE thinks he looks good in a kilt.

    16. He has killer cheekbones.

    17. He looks good in hoodies.

    18. And sunglasses.

    19. And this belted plaid.

    20. But the best reason is because of the absolute perfection within this photo.