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    33 Tips You Need If Cleaning Is The Bane Of Your Existence

    "This sounds weird but I actually enjoy cleaning with these products and am doing it more often."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Attack the stains with a no-rinse spot remover if your usual MO is to just ignore the mess. This'll lift even the most stubborn old stain, and it doesn't require you to rinse or vacuum after you spray.

    2. Or try these stain-removing pads you just stomp on to activate if you'd rather not spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing cat vomit from a cream carpet.

    3. Clean the dishwasher as it runs (genius!) with a pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets because there's no need to spend your precious free time cleaning it by hand.

    4. Drop a disinfectant toilet tablet in your crapper to sanitize your bowl and keep it smelling fresh without you ever having to break a sweat.

    hand holding one of the white circle-shaped tablets over a toilet

    5. Attach a Scrubbing Bubbles toilet-cleaning stamp to the inside of the bowl to clean and deodorize your porcelain throne with each flush.

    6. Lift caked-on dirt and grime with a power scrubber so you can actually be impressed for once. It's basically an electric toothbrush, but for cleaning tile grout and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. This is gonna save you so much time and effort.

    reviewer pic of tile floor with white grout, then other half of it with dirty grout

    7. Catch crumbs before they permanently attach themselves to your oven by plopping an oven liner underneath the racks. Raise your hand if you hate cleaning your oven. Great. Now take that same hand and click the "add to cart" button.

    8. Stop cleaning each blind individually! Work smarter not harder with a blind cleaner brush that cleans multiple blinds at once.

    9. Change the way you feel about sponges (and maybe cleaning, too?) with a durable Skura sponge. These splurge-worthy sponges are designed so that they don't trap food (genius!), dry hella fast, and resist odors — all the things your current sponge can't do. You can also tell when you need to switch out your sponge since the monogram fades over time.

    10. Satisfy your fur baby's endless desire for some rubs with a grooming glove that catches fur before it ends up covering the couch. It's a must for pet owners, especially if your dog or cat goes running at the sight of a brush.

    The grooming glove with silicone nodules, full of hair held in front of a French bulldog

    11. Toss a foaming garbage disposal cleaner down the drain to deodorize your sink ASAP, because if you have to smell last week's rotting veggie peels for one more minute you just might scream.

    12. Conquer the very time-consuming task of wiping down all the appliances in your kitchen with a plant-based stainless steel cleaner and polish. Reviewers say it helps keep your surfaces smudge-free for longer, meaning less cleaning for you!

    person cleaning a stainless steel fridge

    13. Steam and clean carpets with a two-in-one Hoover carpet cleaner because you need your vacuum to do the hard work — and do it fast! — of sucking up dirt, dust, and pet hair *and* steaming your carpets. It's time to reclaim your weekends instead of spending the whole day vacuuming, then steaming, then waiting for everything to dry.

    14. Don a pair of sweeper slippers and clean the floors as you walk around your apartment. They pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, your hair, and more with each step. And! These even fit over a Swiffer so it's like two products in one.

    15. Turn to a heavy-duty oven scrub to get the job done right and fast. You're not about to be bested by years of baked-on dinner explosions and drippings that coat the inside of your oven.

    16. Make quick work of soap scum and residue with a hard water stain remover. Sanitizing your shower will take probably half the time it used to, which is great because, as we've already established, you hate cleaning.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the cleaner got rid of hard water stains on their glass shower doors

    17. Suck up pet hair like a pro with a powerful handheld vacuum that'll save you from having to lug around the stinky and heavy corded vacuum. It has a special rubber nozzle that picks up fur with ease, especially on hard-to-vacuum areas like stairs. There's no bag, so simply pop off the canister when you're done vacuuming and dump the contents in the trash.

    18. Or swap to a special broom for pet hair so you spend less time unearthing trapped fur from your carpet. The rubber head works as a magnet to attract stray hairs. There's also a built-in squeegee for wiping up liquids or for cleaning glass. Plus, the handle extends so it can reach practically any mess.

    19. Cover your stove top with a set of reusable burner covers because you can just wipe them clean when grease splatters or your pot boils over. They're nonstick, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.

    reviewer's stove with the black covers around the burners

    20. Keep your dog smelling fresh with a portable dog bath so you don't have to traumatize them (or yourself) trying to get them into a tub or shower. Surprise! It also cleans pet messes your fur baby leaves on the couch, in the car, on your favorite upholstered recliner, you name it.

    21. Power through tough rust, lime, and calcium streaks with a pumice cleaning stone. Aren't you tired of telling people those brown streaks are not poop stains — you swear! Give your tired arms a break and let this little guy scrub away discoloration with ease. This nontoxic cleaner is tough on dirt but gentle on porcelain so you can sit atop the glistening throne you deserve.

    22. Get some storage solutions to hide your clutter. Sure, this isn't "cleaning" per se, but it's mighty helpful to have a place to store all the random knickknacks that you seem to accumulate and are now cluttering most of the surfaces in your home.

    23. And speaking of knickknacks, dedicate some time to purging your home of all the crap you don't need, want, or use anymore. This will make cleaning so much easier (not to mention faster!). Not sure where to start? Follow the wise teachings of Marie Kondo and ask yourself if the item sparks joy. If not, toss or donate it.

    24. Say bye-bye to soap scum and shower grime buildup for weeks with a bleach-free, no-scrub weekly shower spray. You don't even have to wipe it clean! Just rinse it the next day, and you'll be amazed to see those hard water stains on your shower door are *poof* gone.

    Before: a dirty shower floor; after: the clean shower floor

    25. Set a timer — and stick to it. Cleaning can feel much more manageable when you do it in spurts rather than in one long multi-hour session over the weekend.

    pink strawberry timer

    26. Let the machines do the cleaning — and without you ever lifting a finger — by getting a robot vacuum. OK, I lied. You will have to press some buttons on the remote control but you'll no longer have to spend a good portion of your weekend manually vacuuming up mountains of dirt, dust, and pet fur.

    Infographic of the vacuum and its features including BoostIQ Technology, a 3-point cleaning system, and 1300 Pa suction

    27. Erase stains and smells fast with an odor-eliminating spray. Each spritz releases bacteria that feeds on the ammonia left behind after your pet's accidents, eliminating the urine completely and deterring your pet from peeing in the same spot again.

    The spray

    28. Buy doubles of your favorite cleaning supplies and store them somewhere they're easily reachable. If you know you have to walk downstairs and to the other end of your home to grab the glass cleaner, are you really going to clean your fingerprint-smudged mirror? Maybe not.

    29. Reward yourself with a sip of spicy marg (made with your new tequila-infusing kit) as you clean. This way you start associating a thing you hate (cleaning) with something you enjoy (the spicy kick of jalapeño and the citrusy hit of lime, orange, and grapefruit).

    30. Or sip a nonalcoholic bevy if that's more your jam. Over time you may actually look forward to cleaning because it means you get a little treat...well...two treats: your favorite drink and a clean home.

    a can of sparkling water with colorful wave design on it

    31. Treat yourself to a portable dishwasher if you despise washing dishes by hand so much that you often just let them pile up in the sink. This handy-dandy countertop dishwasher will clean your plates, cups, and utensils so you never have to pick up another sponge.

    32. Clean inside your tub with jetted tub cleaner because yes, you have to clean the inside of your tub — like the inside inside. This cleanser will quickly flush out soap scum and body oils that are gunking up your tub's jets.

    33. Invest in a portable label maker so you can assign a spot to the items in your home. The can help relieve some of the stress of just not knowing where to put your stuff or forgetting where you last left it. Keep everything neat and organized in its designated area instead of cluttered on the dining room table.

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