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The Many Looks Of Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake hasn't always been the well dressed piece of man-candy that he is today. Though we've loved JT long before his Suit & Tie days... his style has changed as much as his music.

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For example, his ever changing hair.

Which was at one point, braided into these awesome cornrows.

Here's a side view.

Remember when he dated Britney? And wore that sweater?

That killer sweater.

Or even better, when they wore matching denim.

Of course, the outfits of NSYNC.....

Such as overalls.

And Bondage.

And whatever they were going for here.

Back to the hair. Here's a look at his fro.

And another.

We'll call this an "in between" stage.

Moving on to frosted tips.

And frosted tips, while wearing a wife-beater.

The peroxide blonde.

Which made him look less like JT and more like Eminem.

And of's how we know and love him now.

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