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    19 Things That Are Only OK Because You're From Reading

    "Well, we are the biggest town in the UK, aren't we?"

    1. Calling John Lewis "Heelas" – if you call it John Lewis we all know you're an outsider.

    Flickr: 16801915@N06 / Via Creative Commons

    Even bricking up the Heelas indented brick sign wasn't enough to stop the old name from sticking.

    2. Going to Reading Festival as a rite of passage after finishing your exams.

    3. Having the festival experience while still going home to shower. / Via

    What other way is there to do a festival?

    4. Having an intense and slightly disturbing fascination with trains – and not just moaning about them.

    Flickr: crystiancruz / Creative Commons

    5. Calling Reading "Reddin".

    BBC / Via

    "I'm from Reddin.'"

    "I think you'll find it's pronounced Readin-G."

    "Er, but are you from there though?"

    6. Being a Reading FC fan and being mildly irritated about London Irish playing at the same stadium.

    Flickr: dumbledad

    Can't we all just get along and share?

    7. Naming Purple Turtle as a site of national heritage.

    Flickr: trrpngirl / Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Natalie Dormer went to the bar in her teens, and during promotion celebrations back in 2012 the Reading FC boys partied with the locals here.

    8. Calling a woodlouse a "cheeselog".

    MTV / Via

    There's no history behind this one and as most locals will tell you it's just what it is, don't ask questions.

    9. Having a "Wait-rose", not a Waitrose.

    Flickr: lilivanili / Via Creative Commons

    "Do you need anything down Wait-rose?" *giggles at nan, realises and shudders when you say it too by accident*

    10. Having a weird love/hate relationship with the impending arrival of Ikea.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    On one hand, traffic nightmare, but on the other, THE MEATBALLS!!!!!!!

    11. Everything being so expensive. *weeps at bank balance*

    20th Century Fox / Via

    London prices are creeping in, places are trendy, and I can't afford to live ANYWHERE. And exactly how much is that pint?!

    12. Calling somewhere "Smelly Alley" and not avoiding it.

    Flickr: mattbuck007 / Via Creative Commons

    So well-known that most locals don't know its real name.

    13. Finding the Whitley whiff endearing.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Previously home to the poo factory, part of Whitley has this particular stench in certain wind directions and it's weirdly endearing.

    14. Reading's "Elvis".

    Anyone living in the Reading will know this character. Always stopped for a chat. Always holding a photo of Elvis.

    Twitter: @Keyboardman88 / Via Twitter: @Keyboardman88

    Rain or shine you can always find "Elvis" wandering the streets of Reading holding his Elvis picture and smiling. A national treasure, really.

    15. Clinging on to the fact we're the UK's largest town and boasting about it at every possible opportunity.

    16. Calling somewhere The Butts and it not being an insult.

    17. Never using a T in your life.


    Cutting out letters, like saying "Mar-in" instead of "Martin" and "bu-er" instead of "butter", is a force of habit.

    18. Going to Henley Regatta because it's the thing to do.

    19. Slagging off Reading all the time, but hang on a minute, did YOU just call Reading a right dive? I don't think so.

    It's only OK when we say it.

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