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    31 Stylish Pieces Of Bedding From Target That Are Truly Eye-Catching

    Putting the "Zs" in snazzy comforters, sheets, quilts, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A velvet tufted quilt to add some super soft luxuriousness to your bedroom and make you feel like royalty when you wake up every morning.

    A red velvet quilt on a bed next to a wooden end table

    2. A round pom-pom throw pillow that's worth clapping about, adding a cheery accent to any bed.

    3. A set of printed sheets so you can save the llamas for your pajamas. They're wrinkle-free and made from microfiber, so they're almost as soft as your favorite wool-covered livestock.

    4. A reversible comforter to flip to a different color depending on your mood. It's machine washable and made from 100% microfiber, so it's as cozy as it is fashionable.

    A black and red reversible comforter on a bed

    5. An abstract watercolor duvet cover because every bedroom needs a piece of artwork — so why not display it on your bed? Lightweight and highly durable, this cover is truly a master stroke in style.

    A duvet cover with abstract blue, red, and purple watercolors

    6. A set of lavender peonies lightweight pillowcases for getting into the right headspace for sweet dreams. They're constructed from ultra-soft, 100% woven polyester fabric for the ultimate comfort.

    A lavender peonies pillowcase

    7. An octopus bloom duvet cover with eight arms to hold you tightly as you drift off to sleep.

    An octopus duvet cover

    8. A printed cotton sheet set to make your bedding pop with a variety of color choices, including dashes, flowers, and global patterns.

    9. A fringe cotton percale sheet set with unique edging to add some artistic panache to your bedroom.

    10. An oversized waffle weave bed throw in a variety of earth tones, because sometimes your comforter isn't enough to keep you warm and only an elegant accent will do.

    11. A French postage-themed decorative pillow to make you go "Oui, oui." It's perfect for bedrooms with specific Parisian vibes or a general travel theme.

    12. A flower printed duvet set so you can pretend to lay in a bed of wildflowers (and not have to deal with the pollen!).

    A multi-colored flower bed spread

    13. A four-piece metallic comforter and sheet set complete with hypoallergenic filling and ultra-soft ombre print that really makes a statement — and that statement is, "Hello!"

    Gray metallic printed bed spread with a a pillow that says "Hello!"

    14. A plush leopard velvet comforter that's as luxurious as it is cozy. It also comes with two decorative pillows and a pillow sham.

    A leopard comforter on a bed

    15. A comforter and sheet set to be your silver (or gold!) lining at the end of the day when you lay your head down. It also features a metallic scallop print and a reversible solid print on the comforter.

    A pink metallic scallop print comforter on a bed

    16. A flannel patterned sheet set made from 100% cotton for undeniable comfort and crispness beneath the covers.

    Orange and gray flannel sheets and pillowcases

    17. A faux fur throw blanket for when you need to drape yourself in smooth sophistication and add some texture to your bed.

    A few furry blankets in white and gray colors

    18. A floral decorative bed set and throw with a design that looks like a carefully penciled drawing from an artist's sketch book. It's *definitely* a unique take on traditional floral bedding.

    A bedspread of floral sketch design

    19. A set of lime pillowcases with square design that pairs perfectly with solid hues, to give your bed a bit of color without being too loud (you're trying to sleep after all!).

    Lime squared pillowcases

    20. An adjustable foam pillow filled with open cell cooling foam blend to regulate your temperature while you sleep. The only tossing you'll do be doing after buying this is ~tossing~ your old pillow in the trash.

    21. A reversible body pillow that'll make falling asleep a ~peachy keen~ experience. It has (you guessed it) a peach pattern on one side and a solid color on the other.

    A rectangular pillow with a peach pattern

    22. A bicycle-patterned reversible comforter for the bike enthusiast who wants to retire to bed in style.

    A comforter with bicycles all over it in different shades of green

    23. A hashtag-patterned pillowcase made from super-soft cotton and durable polyester to provide a great place to rest with the 280-characters-long thoughts that run through your mind before you fall asleep.

    24. A red-and-black checkered reversible comforter set for cozy campers looking to match luxury with snug-as-a-bug-ness. What's black, red, and comfy all over? This set.

    A black-and-red checkered comforter

    25. A fuzzy body pillow cover made from soft sherpa, because sometimes all you want to do is hug something as cuddly as possible.

    A brown fuzzy body pillow

    26. An 8-piece pinch pleat comforter set that's so dreamy it'll have you fantasizing about the classy elegance of bed time all day long. The set includes a comforter, two decorative pillows, two standard shams, two Euro shams, and one bed skirt.

    A pink comforter and set with pinched square patterns

    27. A set of microfiber sheets with a fun flower pattern that could be tulips or a bunch of little smudged lipstick stains — either way it's sexy.

    A flowery pattern set of sheets

    28. A mixed print quilt set to add some Bohemian flair to your bedroom. It comes with two pillow shams, and it's machine washable and 100% cotton.

    A mixed print quilt on a bed

    29. An Eddie Bauer kayak-printed sheet set that's as calming and comforting as actually paddling out in the water. It's made from 100% cotton for a soft-to-the-touch feel.

    Kayak-printed sheet set

    30. A reversible print duvet and sham set to make you proud as a peacock. It has a solid velvet amber print on one side and a print of the world's most fabulous pheasant on the other.

    An amber velvet duvet with a folded over piece with a peacock print

    31. A marble-swirl duvet cover that'll be easy on the eyes before you go to rest them. It comes with matching pillow shams and a reversible soft white side.

    A marble-swirl duvet cover

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