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    13 People Who Don't Get How Lucky They Are To Be Meeting A Sloth

    You're in the presence of greatness. Have a little respect.

    So, this is a sloth. The cutest animal of all time, the greatest bringer of joy that has ever graced this planet.

    1. And THIS girl just doesn't look excited enough since she's RIGHT NEXT TO A SLOTH. THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT OF HER LIFE SHE SHOULD BE HAPPIER.

    2. This girl looks completely indifferent to the fact that there's a glorious angel in her arms.

    3. And this lady looks like she cares more about posing for the camera than acknowledging the little nugget of heavenly cuteness clinging to her torso!

    4. This girl looks like she's considering DROPPING this young treasure upon the soiled ground!

    5. And this guy? Well, he's just a complete and utter failure.

    6. Ugh, and this guy? GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

    7. Oh sure, just stare off into the distance stoically, completely ignoring this darling before you.

    8. And this dude in the poncho is like "meh, take it or leave it."

    9. This girl is like "yeah I chill with sloths every day, what about it?"

    10. Anderson Cooper, put a goddamn smile on your face.


    12. And girl, why aren't you holding onto the precious child upon you?! What, if it falls you're just okay with that?

    No really. STOP FUCKING THIS UP.

    13. And this girl. What can I even say? Is she pretty much refusing to acknowledge how she's getting the best hug ever right now?

    Basically if you react in a manner any less emotional than Kristen Bell did when she found out she was going to meet a sloth...

    You just don't understand.