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    • megang31

      It’s not about you agreeing or disagreeing with Sam Harris, lady. It’s about you making the ridiculous claim that “atheist girls” “love” something that you’d have to be religious—or at least completely ignorant of science—to believe in in the first place. The fact that free will can’t exist is just that: a fact. It’s not just an opinion, and it’s certainly not just some opinion of Harris.

    • megang31

      I hope that most atheists know that there is no such thing as free will; there are only the particles in our minds bouncing around according to the laws of physics to spark emotions, thoughts, and actions. Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t know much about Sam Harris, since he wrote an entire book about this called—wait for it—“Free Will”. Pretty ridiculous to include “free will” on the list at all—and even more ridiculous to drop it in right next to Harris.

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