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    How To Check (And Actually Understand) Your Credit Score Like A Real Adult

    Buckle up, it's going to be an informative ride.

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    Once upon a time, before I started my ✨personal finance journey✨, I was literally terrified to check my credit score. So I simply didn't. And when I finally mustered the courage, I was not at all surprised to find my score was in what's called the "poor" range.

    That was a few years ago. Since then, I've learned a LOT and slowly but surely increased my score to nearly 700. But the first (and maybe most important) step was finding out how credit scores actually work.

    So if you (like me!) find credit scores confusing or downright scary, here's a simple guide to get you started.

    First things first: What even is a credit score and why should I care?

    Okay, so what do the numbers in a credit score mean?

    How do I check my credit score?

    What if I don't have a credit score?

    What goes into calculating my credit score?

    1. Payment History (35%)

    2. Credit Utilization (30%)

    3. Length Of Credit History (15%)

    4. Credit Mix (10%)

    5. New Credit (10%)

    Guess what? Now you know what a credit score is, how to check yours, and how scores are calculated. You're basically an expert.

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