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I'm Genuinely Curious If You Think Of These 15 Common Things As Wants Or Needs

Tell me what you want and what you really, really need.

When you're making a plan for your money (aka a budget), it's a good idea to categorize your expenses into wants vs. needs. Doing this can help you prioritize what's the most important to you, and it's a very personal process. But it can also be really eye-opening to see how others divvy up their cash.

Thinking about how I categorize my wants vs. my needs got me really curious to know how other people see their expenses. So I rounded up some common purchases that could really go either way, depending on what *you* personally need.

For each of the items on this list, take the poll to let me know if it's a need or a want for you. There are no right or wrong answers, just honest ones.

Is there anything I missed? Share any other common expenses that could be wants but are needs for you in the comments! And just a reminder: Be curious but not judgmental about what other people need — you never know where others are coming from or what they're going through.

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