I Regret To Inform You That People On LinkedIn Are Finding All Kinds Of Lessons In "Squid Game"

    Did we all watch the same Squid Game???

    If you've been online for even a second in the last couple of weeks, you know about Squid Game.

    Well, it has come to my attention that Squid Game fever has even reached the professional networking site LinkedIn, where my feed is now filled to the brim with posts about business and career lessons in the show.

    So here's a taste of what the Squid Game game discourse looks like on, of all places, LinkedIn.

    First, some folks are interested in learning from the strategies that players embraced to stay alive:

    1. "This Korean thriller is not far from reality and wonderfully teaches more than mere 'Management' lessons by way of childhood games."

    2. "2) Honeycomb: Be Dynamic. Dare to challenge conventional methods. To survive, prepare to think outside the box."

    But others seem more like they identified with the masked game masters*:

    *Mild spoiler alert: Those are the villains.

    3. "The first game played in the first episode of Squid Game, the Red Light, Green Light, can be related to a simple and easy continuous improvement tool: Traffic Light Assessment."

    4. "Have fun!"

    5. "At first you see a group of pathetic people with pathetic lives, taken advantage of in their most vulnerable state."

    6. "In business, you need a top notch SALES leader to acquire customers."

    There are even Squid Game themed recruiting and sales posts, for some reason?

    7. "The one culture value we love the most out of Squid games is 'Equal Opportunity' and that's what [company] always stood for."

    8. "So my question to you is very simpleโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

    Still others are finding ways to tie the themes of Squid Game into more specific lessons about various business topics, and even personal branding:

    9. "Did you know that the recent Netflix hit, Squid Game, actually has a lot of valuable personal branding lessons?"

    10. "This article neatly explores some of the showโ€™s PR and marketing lessons that any brand can jump on."

    11. "Is investing a 'Squid Game'?? 2 investing lessons learned."

    Now it's your turn. What are your takeaways after watching Squid Game? Share what this series made you think about in the comments.

    Note: Some posts have been edited for clarity.